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This is Dramacore!
Nothing (live 2009)
"Every day alive you suffer... and then you die? Youve got to be fucking kidding me!" Evestus, born in November 1983, Is an artist/composer from Estonia. Hes been involved with a metal group Solwaig and a Deathbeat group Forgotten Sunrise. In 2004 ,Evestus got signed to Dtrash records with his first release "Destiny in Life". That encouraged him to leave everything else and drown himself into his personal perspective towards the world. That resulted in an epic second release in 2006 - "Wastelands" (Dtrash), influenced by bestseller PC game "Fallout 2". "Wastelands" got 7.5/10 from "Terrorizer" and 7/10 from Virus Magazine. "This is Dramacore!" After the huge success of "wastelands", Evestus realized the power he had over music and decided to push the limits a lot further. Currently recording his third release, an LP called "This is Dramacore" hes determined to change what alternative music has become these days. "This album will define a new genre/movement!" The new material will be more towards industrial metal, the signature beats and melodies of Evestus will be complimented with fierce vocals, heavy guitars and massive orchestral backgrounds. Every detail of the music will be taken to the highest level. Sacrifice single and video released May 2008 - #12 on MTV Baltics Top 20 (6 weeks in the chart) Enemy promo single and video released November 2008 - #4 on MTV Baltics Top 20 For more recent info and material visit Evestus on MySpace www.myspace.com/riseofthenewscum
Band/artist history
HAHA! Evestus is not history! It's the future!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Oh, I put a lot of effort in Live performances! That is why I hardly give a live show with less than 8 musicians on stage! I prefer concert halls to clubs and bars. Every time the cellos kick in live is a special moment for me!
Your musical influences
Pig - Raymond Watts NIN Marilyn Manson Hansel Hatestar Dr.Steel the Prodigy Chemical Brothers Chopin Wagner El-P and all kinds of talented and brave artists.
What equipment do you use?
I'm not going to write down my raider if that's what you're asking!
Anything else?
I think maybe a lot of people killed themselves today...
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