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Didjeridu Didjeridoo Didgeridu Didgeridoo Meditative Theraputic(Brain massage CD)
Hummingbird Part 1
Peak in sub-genre #19
Peak in sub-genre #48
Per & Eileen Hultquist have been involved with didjeridu for about 6 years. We have grown particularly fond of the calming and theraputic effects that both playing and hearing the instrument produces. Tessalin Green, our keyboardist, and Sandra Wong are very important and intergral parts of the overall sound that we strive to achieve in the production of our CD, called "Brain Massage." The driving force behind the CD stems from the numerous requests we get from busking our "brain massages" on the local Pearl Street Mall during the warmer months.
Band/artist history
Originally, Per & Eileen were performing or playing at local venues and one or both would sit in with other musicians. Tessalin Green was an acquaintance thru drum circles before we discovered her keyboard talents. Then, during the summer of 2003 we met Sandra who was also busking the local mall and we sensed that an important connection had been made. As our group became closer and more aware of our collective energy, we decided that because of our mutual connections to animals and wildlife, coupled with our interests in music, the first letters of our names would allow us to call ourselves the "PETS Ensemble."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Occasionaly, but mostly in Boulder on the Pearl Street Mall.
Your musical influences
So many.....but didjeridu related, mostly Inlakesh. Some influences from Stephen Kent, Ash Dargin, Jason Strazzabosco, Gary Cannell, Javier Villanueva.
What equipment do you use?
Korg D-1600, Studio Projects B-1's, C-1's, Behringer UB2442FX-Pro, Rane HC6, Korg Triton and Roland XP-60
Anything else?
We think that our music will prove to be quite different from anything else out there, and will also serve as meditative, theraputic and awareness stimulants.