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Young Reem
Young Reem
10 Tracks
Reem is comin' to sound systems near you fa real. If you ain't heard about me, you will soon NO DOUBT!!!
What's good? Welcome to the OFFICIAL Reem artist page. The name is Reem and I'm an 19 yr. old producer/artist out of the central Illinois region also known as Decatur aka the Dec aka the 217. I been rappin' and producin' for the last 2 yrs. just tryin' to polish my craft. I haven't really taken this serious until not too long ago when I was told by a very wise man that I had a great talent and it must be heard. With those spoken words, I knew that this is what I needed to pursue and pursue this is what I will. Music has been my passion ever since I was a small child but not knowin' what part in music I would end up followin'. At first, I was always interested in the beats behind the MCs. I started off makin' beats but behind every sick beat I made, I always thought to myself that somebody could spit somethin' mean on this. After a while, listenin' to everybody rap and whatnot. I wanted to follow that as well and with the talent of makin' beats that I already had, I made a beat and dropped a track......and that's where it all began. Track after track, I only got better and better til I got what you all listen to now. I can only get better for I am not one to feel I'm perfect and that's what will get me to the top. This is my dream and I'm lookin' forward to sharin' this with yall and hope I can share it with the whole world. Get atcha boi. Much love, Reem
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Naw, I'm still tryin to get my music heard and gettin' things put together.
Your musical influences
Well, I grew up listenin to Pac and Biggie but my major influences as I grew older would have to be Fabolous, Ludacris, Pac, and Nas.
What equipment do you use?
Audio Technica 3035, Emachine T6532, Sony NoiseCancelling Headphones, FL Studio 7, Cubase SX 3, Adobe Audition 2
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