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Youngest N Charge(Saginaw MI)
Youngest N Charge(Saginaw MI)
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The 2 Hottest Young Rappers In Saginaw.(Real Talk)
Everybody wants to know the story behind hip-hop's newest sensation, Youngest N Charge. The group consists of rapper/producer Corey D. ,and lyricist D. Streets. Also little known behind the scenes manager, promoter, producer and song writer Will Dennis. The Michigan based rap duo hails from the City of Saginaw .The group got together in high school, however Corey D. and D. Streets have been friends since middle school. Later on Will Dennis joined the duo to promote the group and stylize their unique sound. The groups music is an eclectic arrangement of witty metaphors and punch lines laid over synthesized beats and heavy bass. Their style really cant be compared to anything on the market today. Their track record is laced with various local talent shows and underground mix-tapes. They have a buzz going that can only grow larger in anticipation of their new debut self entitled album Youngest N Charge. Keep your ear to airwaves for the new chart topping group!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes...Stay Posted For a list of shows!!!!!
Your musical influences
Lil Wayne,Young Jeezy,Juelz Santana,2pac,Jay-Z
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools 7.0/MPC/FL Studio 5