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To the point, moderate rock. Nirvana meets Bob Dylan with touches of punk, ska, reggae and southern rock
IDENTiTY is a three-piece alternative rock band based out of Richmond, VA. Formed in Spring 2005 the band quickly gained a strong and loyal fan base with their highly entertaining live performances and catchy, memorable songs. Playing some of Richmonds most popular venues such as Alley Katz and the Canal Club. The bands sound is to-the-point rock music concentrating on good melodies, hooks and lyrics. They play both heavier, loud, distorted songs as well softer, acoustic songs. But the majority of their songs are somewhere in between. The bands music pulls influences from the indie/ alternative rock movement of the late 80s and early 90s as well as from 60s and 70s singer /songwriters and late 70s punk, all while maintaining a modern and original feel. The band was formed when singer/ songwriter/guitarist Mike McKinley moved to Richmond from suburban D.C. and expressed interest to his friend Justin Tanner about starting a band. Mike then recorded a demo in Justins bedroom. Justin then played the demo for local drummer and friend Chris Salyer who was instantly impressed by it. After that Mike and Chris began rocking out at Chris house and auditioning bassists. They went through a string of five bassists before settling on Chris long time friend Randy Allen in Spring of 2005. As of now the band has played all over the states of Virginia and Maryland, playing to packed crowds in both the Washington, D.C./ Baltimore and Richmond, Va areas. They have made television appearances in North Carolina, Richmond, VA and Washington, D.C. Their music can be heard on multiple internet, collage and independent radio stations from coast to coast.
Band/artist history
this was pretty much explained in the bio
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, DC, MD, VA. We love it. We would love to play music in every city in the world. People singing along to your lyrics is always a special moment.
Your musical influences
Nirvana, Elliott Smith, Sublime, Pink Floyd, ect, ect, ect
What equipment do you use?
Mike: fender strat, crate amp, line 6 petal Randy: Ibanez Chris: evans heads