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swerve tweeter
swerve tweeter
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Pencils and Daydreams
Peak in sub-genre #71
The meatball and the Cracker Penguin
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Swerve strikes back
Together at Dawn
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We die a little (remixuth)
Monolithic Rain
Hi this is Ant from swerve tweeter im just a one man band Playing lovely Electronica and hopefully bridging out into other genre,s soon. Ive been making music for just over thirty years here in manchester England.
Band/artist history
Like i said above been playing for about 30 years started out with a pt-1 casio which wasnt even polyphonic then got better equipment as time went on and just did little tunes on keyboards then in early to mid nineties i turned to sampling just taken tit bits of everything and mixing it all together this can be described as my very drunken experimental stage. Then in the late nineties finally got a decent keyboard and ive been writing what you see hear ever since on a variety of 4 tracks and on board 6 tracks. I know work on a digi 8 track which is definately one of the best things ive ever bought. ADDITIONAL: New music coming soon, been away for 7 years on soundtrack. But had a hankering to start writing music again. Had some life issues I had to deal with as we all do. But now they are sorted and the music can come again. Last tune I wrote was 2 years ago and I will be uploading shortly. Check back soon........swerve tweeter is back!!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not played live for years now. I have played in pubs in front of handfuls of people. They liked it although they were drunk so its hard to tell?
Your musical influences
The Prodigy, Pink Floyd, Boards of Canada, Maniacs of noise(c64 band) Holst, Tim Follin. Depeche mode, muse.
What equipment do you use?
Casio pt-1, Casio sk-1, Yamaha psr-225, Acoustic guitar, Roland Boss BR-600, Music series playstation. And Acid express on PC
Anything else?
I just try and Write music like you might have heard on the old computers such as the commodore 64 just eccentric electronica.
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