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Smokin' Three Cigars At Once
Smokin' Three Cigars At Once
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Central Indiana comedy group.
STCAO (Saint Cow) is a comedy group based in Central Indiana. ------------------------------------------------- Band Members: Jason Barnes (backup vocalist, songwriter) Parker James (drummer, backup vocalist, songwriter, programmer) Kaleid (lead vocalist, songwriter, programmer) Mitch Moore (songwriter)
Band/artist history
Pure accident. That's how Smokin' Three Cigars At Once was formed. Well, it was actually not an accident at all. But it caught your eye, didn't it? Anyway, If I remember correctly, and I always do, STCAO was formed on a sultry Indiana Friday afternoon, after I had been asleep on the sofa for two hours. Mitch and Ian came to the door, innocently browsing 'round the neighborhood for something to do. We proceeded to head upstairs to the Music Room, as I aptly nicknamed it, which also happens to be the home of my iMac, fully equipped with the recording program GarageBand. We tinkered around with the software instruments available on the program, recording half-assed vocals and beat-boxing here and there. Before we knew what had been achieved, we had 5 minutes of randomized melodies, coupled with vocals centered around the theme of Disc-Jockey record scratching. Ladies and gentlemen, we had our first unreleased single. However, it is lost to the ages, for the effects and mega-bytes we inundated the two tracks with were too much for the file. It's forever ruined. That very night after returning from a pizza dinner at Mitch's place, the band settled on their new, and soon to be famous, name, Smokin' Three Cigars At Once. This was suggested by Ian, while on the way back from Mitch's place. Among other names suggested were "Both My Cats Are Sleeping On The Same Chair" (by Parker), and "High Off Of Sharpies" (by Mitch, while we were writing down possible name choices so we could remember them...with a Sharpie). The former was considered too cumbersome, and the latter was "just stupid" in the subconscious words of Parker. After the name was decided, STCAO, or St. Cow, got serious. The experimental recording Nudist Beach was the first serious recording of the blossoming group, though it's full length spans only 32 seconds. Immediately, the band began work on their second track, Hittin' the Jim, to be placed on their debut album Super Commie Reds Are Your Superiors. STCAO began to hone their sound, which came to include a large amount of piano ballads and spoken word tracks, with the occasional smattering of rock songs. They continue to make music, hoping to touch the hearts and lives of people around the globe. Ok, I lied. Were just mucking about.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We don't play live. Yet.
Your musical influences
Frank Zappa, Wierd Al, The Rutles, Henry Phillips
What equipment do you use?
garageband, drum set, synthesizers
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