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The Future of Music
Answerin machine (FREE)
Peak in sub-genre #57
FEEL SO GOOD (But i dont love her)
Travelin man
(Jan 21st "Birthday") born to win, wit skin like porcelin i smiled to smile and my moms was forced to grin of course its him, to whom laws will bend call all my friends, i cant wait until meno-pause begins moms was talkin outta her neck like her jaws unhindged they took me away cryin as if my was neva sawn again baq in her arms, relaxin and calm playin wit her brace-lette battin at charms a video camera captured it all, his stature was tall the dude who put me in tha bassonette wrong i came fresh out the cisarian section, i varied in blessins a nurse commented "he carried perfection" but soon after i carried pertection, i was burried in lessons i learned sweet words, rasberry intetions razor blades in my pro keds, moms sayin go head afro weighted down wit da snap cap on my fo head my name sewn in, i woulda neva known then what the futre holds, what the wind blows in it wasnt cold no more wit tha windows in i was diffrent person, my ribs showed then
Band/artist history
grey goose got mi juiced up, the truth suxx such is life, if we fite too nite that will proove whut the bigga man, is always the trigga man cuz he plays a large hand on were da nigga lands face down wit muscle convulsions face up grabbin his chest wit hs knukles expose'n mouth shut tight cover'n mufled explosions chek out that index finger he has a trouble control arguements lead to messy thangs id rather rob niggaz like jesse james and prove for once and for all tha west hasnt changed still clutch in on whiskey, puffin on twisties pissin my life away like god has sumfin against me leanin towards my goals gradually cuz if i touch'm he'll hit mi now im all like "FUCK'M" come get mi "GOD DAMN IT" if u take mi down ya sun'll come wit marijuana seeds on my sleeves i mite aswel make tea imma self made g, or did hell make mi no goals in life but to coast thru life shootin dice, den shootin niggaz twice like "Did i toast u right" im not tha nigga that you've grown to like but rii now im ghost like a poltergiest
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea i do live sumtimes, nigga try'n freestyle battle mi....but niggaz dee's dayz b fake so i retired...i mean i go off tha top so dun cme wit ya rhyme bok in ya hand spittin shit off da 1st page ya dig me.....but my mos special moment was recordin in da studio, and den this one rap group came n and said i was da nex bes thing outta da westcoast....and offerd mi spot...(declined it)
Your musical influences
Shyne Say anything Death cab 4 cutie Pink Floyd Big Boi Jay-z Big L DMX
What equipment do you use?
Mic, and sidekick 2
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