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We're awsome
Sex My Button
Peak in sub-genre #80
I Wish I Was A Duck
Peak in sub-genre #29
We make men discharge in their pants, We me women get their periods Simultaniously, We beat children
Band/artist history
Gup Bitchs' Story On June 29th 2006, A man named Guo Bitch had risen from the volcanic ashes of Mount Nowhere. The only thing he was able to bring out with him was an acoustic guitar and the clothes on his back. It had been 8000 years since Mount Nowhere last erupted, and his people were freed onto the land, but he did not make it out. So for 8000 years, he waited patiently and desperately to be able to get out. He started to grow wrestless of the wait, so out of some burnt sticks, logs, and magma, he made an acoustic guitar (still the same one he plays today!). for 4000 years he played and played until he finally heard a giant explosion from beneath him. The lava started to rise and rise until suddenly, he was thrown from the volcano with thousands of pounds of lava. He eventually began to walk after emerging. He walked for 9000 miles until he finally reaches Hamilton Ontario. The sight of the sun was to much for him after living in a dark hole for 8000 years, so now his eyes are damaged and he is forced to wear the sun glasses of eternal optical health. While wandering through town, he found Lady O'Possum desperatly looking for someone who can help her get her "talent" off the ground. Lady O'Possums' Story Abandoned in a wild forest only hours after she was born, she was left with a family of wild Possums, and David Suzuki as her baby sitter. She got her way of life from the possums, and her english from David. She lived with the possums for 17 years, and she accepted herself as the first english speaking possum. For her 17th birthday, the other possums gathered up as much sticks and mud and animal carcasses they could to buy her a telecaster for her birthday. Obviously, no one would accept their money, so they had to steal it. A successful heist brought her joy. she started playing and playing and she felt she needed to be heard by everyone. She wanted to show the world that a Possum girl raised by Possums and David Suzuki could have "talents". So she wandered out into the city for the first time alone. She wandered and wandered until finally she found a man and his acoustic guitar on the side of the road busking. These two had never met. Gup bitch is immortal and only looks 17 when he is actually 8000, and Lady Opossum is 17 in Human years, but 475 in Possum years. They combined there skills and powers to form the one band that is slowly taking over the world one one trillionth of a time per year!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Uh, We've played for a friend in my basement?
Your musical influences
Uh, we sound like....teenagers usuing a web cam a microphone
What equipment do you use?
Washburn Acoustic, Fender Telecaster, Blackdog Electric, Peavy basic 40 amp, Portable delta amp, and Shure C606 Microphone.
Anything else?
Tell people about us!
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