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The State's Son
The State's Son
39 Tracks
Tha' man from tha' M Crooked Letta The State's Son Playboy 3B Records
The Run Around
Party Like A Rockstar (Playboy Remix)
No Sir Officer
Money Hungry
Ridin' Wit' A Boss feat. C-Dub
Some experiments go horribly wrong, but in the case of Playboy all aspects exceeded expectations. Playboy, at the age of 17 decided to try his fate with the rap game. Always a great writer he felt his lyricism would give him a fighting chance if nothing else. He recorded his first song in December of 2001 along with label member SoReal. The track came out SOREALLY bad, but the uplifting feedback from peers drove the duo to another visit to the studio. For the past three years, Playboy has been sharpening his skills to be at the level of other rappers before him that inspire him to greatness, and with his determination and dedication he has every chance in the world of even possibly exceeding further. His style is deeply rooted with a lot of other great emcees from the south, but the catch is with a twist. Coming from a background that is his, it's almost hard to not to call back to the people, the people that has made him not only the rapper but the person he is today. Wild nights, backwoods raised, front porch sittin', and the hard working overtime man attitude that gives him the toughness to fight away all the doubts. No bottles of chrystale, strictly beer. No thousand dollar suits, just levi's and the only t-shirt that's clean. Playboy doesn't fit the mold of the usual rapper...more, of the guy down the street. The people's people, the guy that waves for no reason when you pass him on the street. The man from the "M crooked lettaz", The "State's Son". He gives another reason for the people from the state of Mississippi, to turn from their country stations, and give hip-hop a chance for their ears. With the recent drop of his mixtape "Phases & Faces", and various other projects soon to follow. He has not only the south, but the world tuned in to see what happens next!
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