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a circle of friends
a circle of friends
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4 part harmony southern gospel type with a country christian, rockabilly feel.
Soul Winner
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Come Follow Me
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let freedom ring
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Same Blood
Do You Believe
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We are just a local Christian Country/southern Gospel band out of southern Indiana. We've known each other for many years and have sung and played together in different groups and situations. We just want to be used of the Lord and do our best to get the message out that Jesus loved and died for us and rose again as a promise of eternal life. We have been given original songs that we think people should hear. We're not looking to break into the big time business. We just want to be a willing vessel.
Band/artist history
The band is made up of: Sonny Kixmiller of Freelandville, IN (drums), Keith Pinnick of Oaklandcity, IN (bass guitar/bass), Paul Hulen of Bruceville, IN (baritone), Tom Spencer of Birdseye, IN (lead guitar/tenor) and Ronnie Baize of Edwardsport, IN (rhythm guitar/lead). Sonny,Keith and Ronnie were in the Family Cirlce before their break up in 1998. Tom, Sonny, and Keith were together for a short time in a group called the Five Smooth Stones. In 2001 Sonny and Keith called Ronnie about starting up another group. Not long after they started practicing together Tom dropped by just to see if anyone was doing anything. That was when Circle of Friends came into being. Paul joined the group in 2004. Having to work around work schedules and church responsibilities the group doesn't get out as much as they would like to but get out when they can.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Where ever we can get to and still get home to make it to work. We love it! They are all special when we feel like we have done our best and we see the Holy Spirit move.
Your musical influences
Southern Gospel, Blues, Rockabilly, Early Rock and Roll.
What equipment do you use?
Peavey, Fender, Carvin, whatever sounds good
Anything else?
We could use a tenor , not necessarilly a really high voice, to allow our lead guitar player to focus on his playing. There are 7 other songs on our cd, they are: I WOULDN'T TAKE NOTHING FOR MY JOURNEY NOW I'LL FLY AWAY THAT'S NO HILL FOR A CLIMBER LORD PREPARE ME (SANCUARY) AMAZING GRACE WHERE COULD I GO FARTHER ALONG We are currently working on a new cd. Most of the songs on it will be originals.
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