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StressDollaz on Boston Radio spitting crazy
In an industry that has evolved so drastically over the years, theres one artist in particular who has remained consistent while resisting the industry trends. Often times, these trends have sacrificed an artists originality, leading to a trendy commercial formula. However, New York born rapper, Stress has refused to compromise his style for an industry trend. For Terrance Rashaun Williams (Stress), music has been his passion. At an early age, Stress was exposed to numerous influences that have help stimulate his style; these influences include his uncles, the renowned Mob Terror (aka Live Poets) and listening to old school rap, Jazz, and R & B with his mother. Since then, the musical prodigy has evolved in becoming one of the greatest underground artists. As a child, his uncles taught him that there was more involved in perfecting a formless art than meets the eye. He was also taught to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the music industry in order to succeed. Since then, Stress began mixing his own melodies with an antique Yamaha keyboard, a saxophone, and a trumpet proving that this was not just a phase but a potential way of life for him. After his family realized the intensity of his desire and love for music, they invested in his first mixing board and microphone. With these essential tools within his reach, Stress would begin to produce tracks for several local artists throughout the years. While doing so, Stress began to gain experience while touring with his uncles as he learned first on a first hand basis what it took to become a successful performer. Even with this small glimpse of lime light, Stress was able to dig deeper into the foundation of the music business. With seeing what was needed to thrive in the business, Stress became more versatile as an artist which enabled him to because to perform at the drop of a hat while maintaining his unique charisma. As an artist, Stress developed the ability of being a the proverbial streetwise rapper to a conscious lyricist without losing his audiences attention or his core fan base as illustrated on his debut album Who Am I? With of his release of this album, Stress was able to sell an unprecedented 10,000 copies without the help of national distribution, retail management, and in-store support. While impressing the likes of many fans, Stress also earned the opportunity to open up for artist such as Joe Buddens as well as been featured on a 2006 Tape Masters Inc. mix tape. Even though as accomplishing as this seems for an artist such as stress, nothing is as exciting as being nominated in the category of Most Original Solo Artist at the 4th Annual Underground Music Awards. Upon this recognition, many enquired more about Stress as hes made appearances at Howard Universitys charity event to several underground clubs throughout the east coast. With this debut success as an artist, Stress spawned his sophomore album, Patience is a Virtue, which exemplified a vintage freestyle techniques Stress had acquired earlier in his career. I want to give a new meaning to the definition of a diamond in the rough, he said while also stating, Showing what it takes to maintain a career without sacrificing your artistic integrity. Stress also will be the first to admit, Id rather be known as an overachiever that takes creative risks than someone that follows the same lines as everyone else does.
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