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Mike Comer
Mike Comer
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Mike played with a band off and on, but the music you hear on this site, is just Mike and his guitar.
Turn You On (The Beatles)
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The Beatles(Hide Your Love Away)
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Leader Of The Band
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Annies Song (John Denver)
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GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Mike (Beach) Comer was born James Michael Comer, on March 23, 1958. Mike died on his birthday, March 23, 1996. Mike was born to James E. and Martha E. Comer of Street, Md. Shortly after Mikes birth, doctors discovered there was a problem with his heart. When Mike was five, he had a major heart operation. Doctors inserted a pacemaker and told Jimmy and Marty that their son probably would not see twenty years of age. Through the years we all watched Mike grow and even though he did not have the strength other boys had and needed more rest than most, there was something very special about him. God blessed Mike with a learning ability far above average. There were times throughout his thirty-eight years on earth that his creativity and musical talents truly amazed, not only his parents and immediate family, but those of us who watched from afar, and who also knew and loved Mike. It was obvious that the things that sparked Mike Comers interest were the things that he excelled in. One of those special traits was a rare talent for popular music. Mike mastered the guitar as you will hear in his music, and he had one of the smoothest voices with just the right emotion. Mike loved the Beatles as he was growing up. Perhaps because he could not do sports and physical things like others, Mike began to study the Beatles and other bands and singing stars that he especially liked. As you listen to these uploads of Mikes original songs and also some of Mikes favorite Cover songs that he loved to sing, you can hear a rich professionalism in his performance. If there was ever a member of the Comer Family that could have made it on talent and talent alone, truly it was Mike Comer. If only the right opportunity and the right equipment had somehow made itself available to Mike (Beach) Comer, he could have been named with those like John Denver, James Taylor and a few others who had not only talent, but help along the way. Mike Comer married Cheryl Baker and had three sons, Jonathan,Jamie and Josh. Jim and Martha Comer put the fate of their son in the hands of Almighty God many years ago. Christian parents that they are, all their children know, as Mike knew, that the old rugged cross of Calvary was, and is the only way of forgiveness in this world. Mike, if there is a rock & roll heaven as the RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS once surmised, we know you are there. This article written by Robert Comer COMER FAMILY RECORDING 128 Rain Dove Dr. Red Lion, Pa. 17356
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The Beatles, Rolling Stones, John Denver, James Taylor, John Fogleburg
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This website is dedicated to the memory of James Michael Comer 1958-1996
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