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Mr Grim 603
Mr Grim 603
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Mr Grim is a collaboration between all of my skills in music, from playing guitar, writing melodys, dj'ing and producing electronica in many styles/genres,
The DJ - I started out about five years ago newly stepping into the dance music scene. Formerly, I was a guitar player and played other things like bass, and keyboard. I first Discovered dance music when my 3 female friends dragged me to a club one saturday night. The club was a large multiplex, and had many clubs within the building. I thought it was great allready as I stepped in, and heard the beats shaking everything inside. When I got into the first club it was amazing. Lights everywhere, the loud thud of the 909 kick drum booming into my chest. A sea of people wailing around, dancing, and pumped up by the music that was being played by only one person. The DJ. As the night went on, all i could do was look around and see what was going on. Everyone was having a blast, and the DJ was the king of the room, guiding people's motion. From that moment on, I knew what I had to do. I went out the next day to a local pawn shop and picked up an ancient "Technics" turtable for about forty dollars. I then started to buy records and eventually a real needle. I practiced cueing the record even though I did'nt have a mixer or another turntable, and i'd play cd's and try to match the beats. Later on, I broke down and bought a set of Gemini XL 600's and a Gemini BPM 150 Mixer, from there on, it was history. I listened to my first Mix Cd entitled "Transport" from Kinetic Records featuring Paul Oakenfold. I did'nt know how he did it at first, I thought he was a god cause I could'nt figure it out. Then I started listening to the mix a little closer, and ended up buying some of the tracks on the cd. I learned how he did it by trial and error. Many (well spent) hours were dedicated on figuring out how to mix. I developed a simple formula and kept to it. I then bought myself a PA system to hook everything up to (and shake the house) so I could feel what I was playing and make it seem like I was in the club again that first night. a few years later I started dabbling in remixing on my computer. I bought some simple programs like "Acid DJ 2.0" that retailed for about $49.99 at the time and went to work learning how to sample things and make loops, then blend everything in on a grid. My remixing got better as my vynil mixing did. then it got even better. I went out and bought some CD mixers "Pioneer CDJ 100S" was the pair I chose. This enabled me to expand my mixes along with my vynil, and really get things moving. The Producer: I started making my own tracks this year, and I can say that it's comming out nicely and I still have allot of work to do. I've allways wanted to make my own songs, after listening to so many on vynil (which exeeds my CD collection now and sums up around 1,000+ records)I became enchanted with creation. It's a feeling that is hard to describe when your out spinning live, and you pop in a cd of your own work, and see how the crowd reacts. Overview: I'm a 26 year old Producer/DJ from New Hampshire that spins a wide variety of trance, house, jungle, breaks, speed garage, basically whatever I can get my hands on that sounds hott. I try not to limit myself as a DJ saying that I spin just trance, or just house, cause I don't, I like to spin from the heart and whatever I like comes out in my mixes. If I'm out live spinning, then it's spinning with the heart of the crowd.
Band/artist history
1998:The startup, turntables, mixer, and buying records eventually learning how to use them. 1999: Records records records!!! Buying like crazy and continuing practicing. 2000: Spinning at a few local clubs and partys, obtaining a pair of CD Mixers and learning those. 2001: Mixing records, cd's and starting to remix. 2002: Heavily mixing, spinning all over NH and working on demo cd's for my mixes. 2003: Producing my own tracks, still remixing others, mixing my cds and vynil, doing house partys and college's, making tracks for rap atrists, obtaining a female vocalist for my tracks, and really starting to concentrate on my career. 2004: Quality tracks finally arrive with the best creation yet entitled "Broken"- (Malicious Breaks Mix), Working on a full 12 track cd for promotion of upcomming full mix CD's and various other productions to come!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live every once and awhile, it's great to get out. I'm allways eager and anxious for the next place to go. I used to be a resident DJ at a club in my area (before it got shut down by laws). There was one time that stood out more then the others, I was bringing in equipment one night and caught my middle finger (my right hand)on a piece of glass on the wall from a mirror that was broken on one side of the corners. I took a good chunk out of it, but I was supposed to spin in an hour. So here's what i did... Wrapped my finger up in paper towels like a mummy cause it was bleeding pretty bad, and when it was my time to shine, I played even better. I got a compliment that night that made me figure out why I do what I do, and that's something special, it's a self reminder for love of the music, I'll do anything to please a crowd and keep them entertained.
Your musical influences
Paul Oakenfold, Max Graham, Dave Ralph, Sasha,Chemical Brothers, The Crystal Method,Prodigy,4 Strings,Starecase, Timo Maas, Ferry Corsten, Hybrid,Digweed,Mauro Picotto, Bad Boy Bill, the list is way too long lol
What equipment do you use?
Newly Updated equipment will be as follows as of 11/15/04. 2 Technics Grandmaster SL1210 M5g turntables, 2 Technics SL-DZ1200 Tabletop CD Turntables, 1 Allen And Heath Xone-92 Mixer, Ortofon Nightclub and Condorde DJ Needles, Pioneer EFX-500 Multi Effects Processor, ... as far as production, Reason 2.5, Adobe Audition 1.5, Korg "Karma" Synth, Korg "Micro Korg" Synth, Roland "Juno-D" Synth, and Edirol Midi Controller Synth
Anything else?
Shout outs to all my friends and family: Jazmina and other supporting DJ's @ www.LikwidRadio.com, DJ 501, DJ Bernard Jones, DJ Nitros, DJ DV8,Jared, Jess, Uncle Bob, Mehgan, Paul (Encry), Mandie, Becky, Dan, Keith, Justin, Dylan, Josh, Danielle (Vocalist), John, Sarah, Cassie, Sonia, Steven and Shaun, Steph, Val, Victoria, Bob and Kelly, Angel,Lee,Alex, Jack, and everyone else I know who supports me, and believes in me.(you all know who you are) :)
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