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Dhwani (India)
Dhwani (India)
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A fusion band with a good balance of contemprorary and traditional music
Dhwani, an idea was conceptualised tapping the sounds from the suburbs of Mumbai. A cosmopolitan city in its truest sense. Each band member carries this diverse musical background to form what we call "DHWANI" or "sound" of the band! We are a fusion band with a strong classical and contemporary - rock blend. The lineup consists of Aalok (Vocals), Bipin (Guitars), Mayuresh (Guitars / Bass), Tushar (Tabla / percussion), and Ganesh (Drums / Percussion).
Band/artist history
In its initial days Dhwani was a 4-piece instrumental band with Mayuresh (guitars), Tushar (tabla), Snehal (percussion) and Aniruddha (harmonium) consisting of the core team. In spite of its unique sound and line up, the band could not go far! It performed at a couple of music fests and went dormant. Until recently, in April 2009 Dhwani has reformed the line up and rose like a Phoenix. Dhwani has been composing for background scores of short films, jingles, ballets and various drama theater projects for past few years.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we certainly like it that way. Live performances is what a musician really craves for. We would certainly take all the opportunity we could to perform live. One of the special moments was when we had a jam in the country side. The ambiance of the night, with cool breeze and the nature around gave us just the right drive to keep the mood going till the wee hours.
Your musical influences
A good taste and inspiration helps bring out creative ideas. We are easily inspired by any subtle thought, expression or an event. Everyone comes with a different creative background which in turn helps to motivate each other. Our motive is to make good music which is received by all. We are highly influenced by classical and Rock / jazz music. Artists like - John McLaughlin, Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Trilok Gurtu, Dennis Chambers, Zakir Hussain, Rashid Khan have a great influence on our music.
What equipment do you use?
Core 2 Duo Quad, 2.66 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 1 GB Nvidia graphic card, 250 GB + 1 TB Hard Disk, Cubase 5, M-Audio Project Mix I/O, Shure mics, Studio Projects & Audio technica - condenser mics, Behringer B2 condenser for vocals, Yamaha MSP5 Studio Monitors,
Anything else?
That's it for the time being :-)
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