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Bob Harvey and Georgia Blue
Bob Harvey and Georgia Blue
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Album Recorded Live at Oakman Auditorium
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It makes No difference
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Persian Kitty
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Goodbye Again
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Blowing Up Your Bubble
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Sometimes the big lights in popular music rise in glory and then burn out too soon. But some of those who played with them, no less talented but less well-known, keep a steady, warming glow -- they keep making music for all of their lives. Bob Harvey is one of those. Past the time when others retire or want to be forgotten, Bob Harvey loves performing so much he can't quit. He keeps adding young talent to the sound of his current band, Georgia Blue, and truckin' on. California was the setting for the legendary Bluegrass group, the Slippery Rock String Band, where Bob got his start in 1963. Then he was a founding member of Jefferson Airplane but went back to the re-formed Slippery Rock group and then into folk-rock with Catfish Wakely Both the U.S. Navy and getting a journalism degree kept Bob working in other areas for some time, including writing and being managing editor for American Trucker Magazine. On assignment for the Navy in 1990, he went to Saudi Arabia and met Brian Fowler, whose "mandolin playing pulled me back into Bluegrass music," Bob says. The two formed San Francisco Blue and recorded the CDs "Idiot's Vision" ; "Live on the Cartersville Express"; "Hurting for People," a tribute to Skip Spence, an Airplane member who co-wrote the song with Bob "back then"; and "Live at ARTS in hARTwell." Brian and Bob performed together at Brasstown Bald's Musicfest, Race Fest in Morrow, Ga., and again at the Cartersville Arts Festival, and then Brian decided to step back from music for a while. Since all the current performers are from Calhoun, Ga., Bob has changed the name to Georgia Blue. Alesia Chester is a skillful and experienced harmony singer who joins Bob on vocals. Bob says violinist Danny Taylor's "soulful and intuitive progressions will absolutely pull your heartstrings." Taylor will co-produce the group's next show and CD, "Alternative Country." The icing on the cake, says Bob, is Zack Lanier, a guitar-banjo man whose playing Bob likens to that of Chuck McCabe on "Live at the House of the Rising Sun" recorded by Jefferson Airplane in 1966 Firmly bound by his musical roots, but ever willing to leap out in faith on a new project, Bob Harvey continues to play festivals and venues wherever people want music that feels good, music that tells a story, and lyrics that have a message.
Band/artist history
A review of the San Francisco Blue album Hurting For People info@the-rocker.co.uk Hurting For People is a lovely warm alternative-country' opener, the title track is co-composed by the legendary Skip Spence whose 'Oar' album remains one of the finest of its ilk. Brian Fowler's mandolin playing is brilliant throughout especially in the extended solo on 'Bitter Cherry'. Bob Harvey writes most of the songs sometimes in collaboration with others. Harvey was in an early incarnation of Jefferson Airplane while Brian Fowler produced the most enjoyable 'Folk Art' CD with his band Jones Avenue a couple of years back. In fact his song 'Third World War' is reprised here. 'Hurting for People' has a very spontaneous feel to it- what you hear is what you get and Harvey's vocal style is not to be missed! It's Harvey's harmonica that leads the way on 'Listen to the Voice', a fine song with a serious message while the 7 minute rendition of 'Walking The Dog' is a lot of fun. Check it out! Reviewed by Phil Jackson for Zeitgeist e-zine-phil7jackson@madeasafish.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review from Italy Translated magazine article from Italy In MobyGrape@yahoogroups.com, Wayne Hawes wrote: Speaking of the vocal harmonies of West Coast music, it is commonplace to cite, mistakenly, as initiating this musical style, "Deja Vu" of CSN&Y, ignoring completely the genius of Alexander "Skip" Spence and of his Moby Grape, to whose debut album is ascribed the merit of having forged this genre. Fated to be forgotten due to their quite short career, Moby Grape left us a very interesting musical legacy, brought to light thanks to the tribute project "Forever Mo'" directed by Bill Morse. This third volume, even though not boasting a cast composed of the big names that often populate tributes, in its simplicity (see the excessive artistry of some tributes) unveils a level of quality that is quite high. The renditions, being live rather than in a studio, are not simply carbon copies, but on the contrary allow themselves a wide margin of exploration. Interesting in this sense is the tentative experiments of some passages in parallel versions. In particular excels the driving chorus of "Murder in My Heart for the Judge" by Mike Fornatale (who participated also in the Moby Grape reunion tour of 2001), the excellent country version of "Funky Tunk" by the Juvenators and an explosive "Seeing" by the Italian "Hypnodance," the legendary Florentine band led by Ernesto de Pascale. A final colorful note is the presence among these interpretations of Bob Harvey, bassist of the first formation of the Jefferson Airplane with Skip Spence as drummer, author together with Brian Fowler of an excellent rendition of "Hurting for the People." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An interview about my life and my music by Steve Rowland Wow! This is one of those special moments for me. "Holding Together" - the premier "Jefferson Airplane" fan magazine, published and edited by Steve Rowland in the UK, has printed the first half of an interview about my life and my music that is the best I've ever had the good fortune to read. The magazine is a simple black and white. 8-1/4 x 11-1/2 inches format, but it is classy - well written - nicely laid out, and I'm extremely proud to have my interview included. It also has a full page ad for three of my albums, "Idiot's Vision, "Hurting for People" and "Live on the Cartersville Express", which was placed by Stuart Hamilton, founder of Zeitgeist records and Web Master for the www.sfblue.co.uk site. The same issue also has a stunning review of the album "Hurting For People". Considering that the readership is made up of people that I would give anything to reach, especially after the show I did at the 'Washington Spy" which was made up predominantly of older Jefferson Airplane fans. they responded warmly to the performance and they are the people I'd like to reach out to. My new band "Georgia blue" is sounding so good it hurts. I'm looking forward to a new year and a new album, plus doing more festival and concert gigs. AT 71 years of age, I'm having the absolute best time of my life. Subscriptions can be made by contacting Steve Rowland (editor & publisher), 9 Haybourn Mead, Hemel Hempstead. Herts HP1 1NY, United Kingdom email: steveg.rowland@btinternet.com -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Review from "Record Collector Magazine", April 2005 San Francisco Blue's "Live on the Cartersville Express", recorded in Cartersville, GA, October 2004, is available via www.ssfblue.co.uk. It's a fun recording that features ex Jefferson Airplane man Bob Harvey and Superczar's Brian Fowler, plus a passing train. The recording sales are bolstered by a free sticker and autographed poster. Harvey & Fowler also contribute to the upcoming Harvey Bainbridge & Spaceseed set. "Empire of the Night".
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Georgia Blue plays concerts in the Southeastern U.S.A. Bob Harvey can be contacted by email lyricplus@aol.com Georgia Blue wants to play in your area!!!
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