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Raul Supreme
Raul Supreme
3 Tracks
hip hop instrumentals, hot beats produced by Raul Supreme
Raul Supreme's dedication will indeed take him far in an industry dominated by time consumed executives and brutaly honest critics, Raul has come a long way and is definetly a strong asset to the music industry itself. Although unsigned Raul shows a level of commitment and maturity far beyond his years, his enthuziasm has enabled him to work with many international artist aswell as artist based here in Britain. Raul is currently working on a mixtape that is likely to hit stores early 2007.
Band/artist history
Raul Supreme age 19 hails from the city of Birmingham, England, Raul has been producing hip hop tracks exclusively for various different artist over a period of 2 years. Starting at the tender age of 16 Rauls ambitions and goals were always clear, Raul having an extreme passion for beatmaking and the art surrounding hip hop in itself capatalised under the circumstances he was in creating great beats with little equipment. Raul Supreme noticably possessed an existing amount of talent, he was able to distinguish the differences in hip hop production and incorporate some of those differences into his style of production. Raul was always being influenced by various industry producers from the likes of, Dj Premier, The Alchemist etc, he used these influences to expand on his existing ideas and create great quality music which appealled to all audiences regardless of their chosen genres of music that exists within hip hop. Being only 19 years of age it is clear upon examination of his music that Raul posseses a level of maturity and dedication far beyond his years, his understanding of hip hop and the elements of hip hop production make him one of the leading candidates of producers hailing from the United Kingdom. His proffessional approach to music and attitude to work is greatly recognised by artists of all styles and lyrical abilities. Working with many artist in the past Raul has recieved a range comments praising his proffessionalism and his ability to try new things and work with all types of artists. Many producers in this day and age have an ever decreasing understanding of what hip hop is as a culture and posses little knowledge on the types of music from the past that have contributed to hip hop today, Raul believes in order to understand where hip hop is going as a producer you have to understand all aspects of hip hop and appreciate the music that has influenced hip hop and not just sample it. The impact of Raul's music in 2006 has captured the interest of many artists, Raul is currently working with a array of different artist with talk of a mixtape being in the works. The mixtape entitled "Influential Elements" is believed have a scheduled release of early 2007, Raul explained earlier that: "...This is not a definete time period at which my mixtape will be realeased, this is an estimate at which i would like for the mixtape to be completed and ready for distribution..." Raul's has had an amazing year production wise in 2006 with a mixtape being in the talks i can only assure all fans of his music that they won't be dissapointed apon the release of this mixtape, his music is of a level that holds great comparissons to many industry producers Raul will continue to provide great music and he hopes that all supporters of his work will continue to follow his work.
Your musical influences
Twisted Revrun, 9th Wonder, Kev Brown, Kelakovski, DJ Premier, The Alchemist, The Beatnuts, Kanye West, 4th Diciple etc
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 4, Numark TT 1550 turntable (for recording in my viynl samples) Numark DM950 mixer which is hooked up to a Cambridge, Audio azur 540A intergrated amplifier. Akai MPD24
Anything else?
Look out for the "Influential Elements" Mixtape available for free download online at www.myspace.com/raulsupreme (check the blog)
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