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pray for pills
pray for pills
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other / industrial / experimental
music is not a math problem its a creative writing asignment.
Band/artist history
band? you must mean my history. its long.
Your musical influences
if it makes a sound. its an influence i am partial to car motors, machines powered by air vice grips, and oldies music. damnit.. i just saw this "Who or what are your musical influences? This is great to give people an idea of what to expect. Are you more into crashing guitars or motown r&b? (It's also great to drop keywords for search engines.)" search engines.. well lets see here... prepare for senseless spam to get your search engines atention. audioslave the beatles deftones ludacris the game the melvins bauhaus fetus the hellblinki sextet the temptations redman methodman ODB wutang nine inch nails manson marvingaye mindless self indulgence barry white david bowie radiohead nirvanna ozzy randy rhodes chris cornel system of a down pearljam chronicle AD depece mode britney spears just kidding about that last one its for the search engines eminem dr dre tupac Bjork tenacious D patsy cline sam cooke red hot chilli pepers skinny puppy ministry fleetwood mac jimi hendrix led zppelin modest mouse elvis NERD oldies a perfect circle tool beck BB king australian aboriginal music all else failed 311 sublime master Ace biz marquee beastie boys cradle of filth bob dylan TI 3 6 mafia rancid the flaming lips the postal service ween weird al the who the cure snoop paris hilton not musicaly influecning more physical smashing pupmpkins outkast akon bone thugs atmosphere cody chesnut david banner krs one the list goes on. and seriously i dont think it ends. main focus for me is music that is good. and it doesnt have to be a song to be music.
What equipment do you use?
sonar 6 for mixing and recording reason 3 for some sounds and composing strings / piano. (the redrum macine especialy) absynth 3 for the kickass sounds and eazy UI for making origina noises gold wave for recording the turntable a tascam usb mixer for a soundcard a yammaha for playing live piano a martin 000 that i borrow from time to time and a bongo... lol and some home theatre speakers that were given to me. and a few thousand nosie clips i have found and made over the years.... oh yea and mixmister for BPM analyzing remixes i havent used fruity loops at all for sevral months. i dont think i will ever need it again.
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