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sodapop suicide
sodapop suicide
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sodapop suicide dangerous experimental alternative rock
style mo bulok
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sana naman
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Crisostomo Guevarra - frontman Mark Anthony "Clapton " Lopez - axeman.
Band/artist history
The story is, there's really no story but I'll tell you one anyway: There's this frustrated artists/painter who somehow someway found his foot at Ted Reyes's doorstep. And along the way he found this guitarist in a diner called "Rock Cafe" in Glenn Rock, New Jersey. The rest is history. Now if we could only quit our day jobs...
Anything else?
ASTiG.us: Describe your music, like what style do you consider your music, etc... Sodapop Suicide: It's really pop based. I'm not ashamed to say it, but that's all it is. It's just based on a "pop" melody but everything else isn't pop. We often (Ted usually) try to incorporate a lot of different sounds to our music. It's electronic/dance/rock one song and then one song ends up sounding pop/punk/hard rock. To compare it to current artists, I would say it would be like Moby, Beck and Ely Buendia when he was doing "Wanted Bedspacer" on Valium and Benadryl...hehe. There's also a lot of influences coming from other art forms including comics, graffiti, kung fu and Asian cinema. Think Stephen Chow, Shaolin Soccer, David Mack's Kabuki, Simon Bisley's LOBO, David Choe's slow jams, Giant Robot magazine, Versus the movie, Tan Tan-Tarantino Kill Bill, I could go on and on... ASTiG.us: What type of music do you guys listen to? And what are some of the bands out there do you listen to? Sodapop Suicide: I listen to everything. But I listen to Ted Reyes...and of course Bleud. Watch out for the Kwagos...I think instead of bands, I would list favorite songs here: 1. Mr. Brownstone - GnR 2. Wanted Bedspacer - Ely Buendia 3. Taste of Lime - Wolfgang 4. Rainy Days - Bleud 5. E Ano Ngayon - The Kwagos 6. Stranded - Rivermaya 7. Natin 99 Album - Eheads 8. No Surprises - Radiohead 9. Drown - Smashing Pumpkins 10. Absorning Man - Parokya Ni Edgar 11. Aluminum - Girl In Park taken from an excerpt in an interview with astig.us vist them here and check ou the whole interview here.. http://www.astig.us/Interview%20Sodapop%20Suicide.html