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The Milestone Corporation
The Milestone Corporation
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Up and coming pop rock band from Goteborg, Sweden. We mix 70s hard rock (like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple) influences with 90s pop (like The Stone Roses and Oa
The Milestone Corporation is an up and coming Swedish pop rock band, located in GÃteborg. The band consists of five musicians from diverse musical backgrounds, resulting in a unique blend of different musical styles. The main influences are however 70s hard rock bands such as Deep Purple, The Who and Led Zeppelin and 90s pop bands such as The Stone Roses, Oasis and Manic Street Preachers.
Band/artist history
The band that would later evolve into The Milestone Corporation was founded a misty night at the Hultsfred festival in the summer of '03 by Petter Uvesten, Carl Leskinen and Jonas Karlsson (vocals, organ/piano and guitar respectively). The original name of the band was Sparris. Soon the members Olof Bjarnason and Linda Erlenhov (drums and bass) were added to complete the line-up. In addition to the musicians in the band, Gustav Markkula, Hanna SyrÃn and Marcus "PÃngen" Gustavsson were recruited to handle assorted duties. The first few months the band rehearsed in a tiny room on Aschebergsgatan in GÃteborg, together with a number of other bands. Unfortunately, Linda was forced to leave the band, and Tobias SjÃgreen took her place as bass player. During the autumn of '03 the first Sparris songs were developed and later documented at a quick recording session in March '04. This recording was followed by a legendary private gig in an over crowded basement on Gibraltargatan in GÃteborg. As Olofs side project was disbanded in the late spring of '04, Sparris was given the opportunity to take over their rehearsal room in GÃrda. This became the start of a new phase for the band. The first demo was recorded in the last months of 2004. The self-produced three track demo was titled "Drifting". After its release, the spring of '05 was mostly spent in the rehearsal room, improving the songs. Finally in early June, the band had their first official concert, and it was a big success. The band performed a 60 minute set consisting of the songs from Drifting together with a handful of other songs. Memorable moments from the show are the extended solos on "SMK" (not yet recorded), the surprise appearance of the "Blowjobbers" horn section in the middle of "Suburban boredom" (later recorded in an abridged version on "Big Night Out") and the crowd shouting "Samma lÃt", "SambalÃt", "Sommarlov" (which translates into "One More Time", "Samba song", "Schools out for summer") after the last encore (One Single Thing from "Drifting"). Photos from the gig can be found in the gallery. The show was also recorded on video and extracts from it might be made available on DVD later on. After the gig the band took a summer break, only interrupted by a special secret acoustic performance at a party arranged by underground publishing company Trombone. The performance included a rare improvisational session featuring three lunatic poets. When autumn came, the process of recording a new demo began. With a busy schedule (including a week of total decadence and isolation somewhere in the dark forests of central sweden, writing songs and seeking inspiration), it took the band until late december before the recording, mixing and mastering was completed. This new demo, titled "Big Night Out", featured three tracks like its predecessor. For the release of this EP the band felt the time for a name change had come. From now on, Sparris would be known as "The Milestone Corporation".
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We sure do! That's actually what we do best! Our kind of music is meant to be played live and every concert we made this far has been a success. We are inspired by on stage personalities like Jimmy Page and Pete Townshend, need I say more?
Your musical influences
70s rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and The Who and 90s pop bands like The Stone Roses, Oasis, Manic Street Preachers and Ash. Modern bands like Franz Ferdinand, Mew, Muse, Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs.
What equipment do you use?
Korg CX-3, Leslie 760, Roland EP85 digital piano Premier P Vintage drumkit Fender Jaguar guitar, Hughes & Kettner Tube 50 guitar head with 4x12 Hughes & Kettner speaker cabinet HagstrÃm Kent '64 bass guitar and a Trace Elliot AH350 GP12 SMX bass Head with 4x10 1048 Trace Elliot speaker cabinet
Anything else?
We sometimes bring in a small horn section to further confuse the audience!
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