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Cinatra Rhymez Emphasizing Actual Life The AudioBiograpghy Of David (Mr. Cinatra) Lee F.O.E./Deep Groove Entertainment has finally unleashed Cinatras long awaited and highly anticipated sophmore effort. The album is entitled Rhymez Emphasizing Actual Life The AudioBiograpghy Of David (Mr. Cinatra) Lee. An eighteen track LP chronicling the harsh realities of the streets and Cinatras troubled youth. The album is an autobiography detailing Cinatras childhood. The album takes you on a journey into Cinatras past with songs like Tha Ghetto, Punk Police, Strugglin, Take Ah Look @ Your Life and Survivin Iz Ah Must. The album details the grimy and unapologetic mentality of the poor inner city lifestyle. Cinatra also adds some diversity to the album with party tracks like Dats Whasup, Sunny Dayz, Know About It and Git Drunk, Git Hype. He also sets out to please his hardcore fan base with such street bangers like U Aint No Psycho, When U Comeup Missin, Friend Or F.O.E. and Tha Commission. He introduces the world to some of his new rhyme partners such as F.O.E. (Flame-On Entertainment), an eight man click consisting of the Young Nobles (www.youngnobles.com), Blitz Krieg, JooneBug, Killa Cee, TyShawn, Charli Dangerous, and Hot Rod. The album features guest appearances by F-Dux and Overflow (www.overflowproduction.com). They are featured on four songs from the album. Also featured on the album, is Canadas most prominent rap group, Brougham Camp. They are featured on the songs We. and Strugglin. The project features production from Pain, SupaMan (www.supamanhiphop.com), MoSuntzu (www.brempire.com), Platinum FunkDaddy (www.FunkDaddy.com), Gold Producer Big Ice of Da Playboy Foundation, Maniac Tha Siouxpernatural, Apoulo, Red Head Steve and JooneBug. Cinatra also has Co-production credit on eight of the tracks from the album. This album is a well balanced Hip Hop classic that flows from beginning to end. The project is a testament and tribute to the uncompromising rawness of the streets. Cinatra expresses his self with passion and intensity while delivering thought provoking lyrics that will keep you gripped to the music. He communicates his feelings and thoughts with detailed precision, while intelligently and effectively expressing how the hood provides a balance of Love and Hate. Cinatra states that the purpose of this album is to teach our youth the reality of the ghetto streets. He calls his self a professor of the School Of Hardknocks and his intention is to help our kids better themselves by educating them with the truth of his music. For more information about Cinatra, log onto www.cinatramusic.com or e-mail cinatra@hotmail.com.
Band/artist history
Cinatra The West Coast Messiah Cinatra, born David Lee on November 29th, 1976; is no stranger to hard living. He was born into a poor family and lived in a low income housing project known as Holly Park. As he was growing up, he lived with various relatives through the years. He moved back with his birth mother when he was seven years old. He was a victim of child abuse and a single parent home. David ran away from home at the tender age of eleven. He spent most of his youth in foster care and group homes. David grew up on the Southside of Seattle; the streets had a big impact on his life. He got involved with local gangs and drug selling as a means of protection and making money. David experienced the harsh realities of the streets. He witnessed Death, Prostitution, Racism and Police Brutality. He lost friends to drugs, prison and gang violence. He knew the path that he was on was leading to a dead end. David Lee found an escape from the streets. He began writing poetry and listening to Hip Hop. He consumed his self with Hip Hop and realized that the art form was a way for him to express his self. He wrote his first rap song at the age of eleven while he was at school. The teacher found the lyrics and gave them to the school principle. The principle asked him where he got the song and David replied that he wrote the lyrics. The principle did not believe him. David got expelled from school for writing the song. Even though he was expelled, David saw it as a compliment that the principle thought that a real rapper wrote the song. Through the years David continued working on his writing capabilities and developing his rap style. David was influenced by such Hip Hop giants like Run-DMC, UTFO, Boogie Boys, Fat Boys, LL Cool J, Eazy-E, NWA, MC Breeze, Ice-T, King T, Just Ice, Geto Boys and Kool G. Rap. Hip Hop for David was a way to relate to the urban youth. He did not feel alone anymore; Hip Hop showed him that he was not the only one who lived a harsh life. David is all grownup now and has found his niche. He has built his style and image in the underground Hip Hop Scene. He goes by the moniker Cinatra; adapted from Frank Sinatra. He says the reason why he named himself that; was to set his self a goal in the music industry as a respected and credited lyricist and performer. He has been featured on fifteen underground releases since 1999. He has released one solo album entitled Itz Official. He has traveled and performed all over the United States. He built himself a good underground fan base in the US, Japan, Philippines as well as the Internet. Cinatra credits his underground success to being humble, intelligent and a true stage performer. He is a thought provoking lyricist, who delivers energetic, powerful and meaningful messages in his songs. He sees his self as a street teacher and educator for the younger generation. He set his self a mission to inspire and bring hope to the next generation of poor urban youth. His main goal is to be successful and provide opportunities through his music and record label. His record label is Deep Groove Entertainment, a grass roots company funded with his own money. The first release from Deep Groove Entertainment will be Cinatras second LP, Rhymez Emphasizing Actual Life The AudioBiography Of David (Mr. Cinatra) Lee. Cinatra sums up his latest album as a testimony to the streets and his harsh life. He says that this project means a lot to him and he enjoyed writing this album. For more information, please log onto www.cinatramusic.com or e-mail cinatra@hotmail.com.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I definately do shows as much as possible. I have traveled all through the Midwest performing and different clubs and bars. My favorite moment was opening up for the Ying Yang Twins last year. For booking, contact me @ cinatra@hotmail.com
Your musical influences
Cin'atra's influences are: Run-DMC, UTFO, Boogie Boys, Fat Boys, LL Cool J, Eazy-E, NWA, MC Breeze, Ice-T, King T, Just Ice, Geto Boys and Kool G. Rap
What equipment do you use?
A Pen & A Notebook as well as a Microphone.
Anything else?
The long awaited, highly anticipated sophmore release from Cinatra is now available. Rhymez Emphasizing Actual Life, 18 tracks of raw and gritty street bangers for your enjoyment. The album features guest appearances by: X-Caliber, Mobius, & Ashes of The Camp, Overflow, Mo-X & LilG, TyShawn, Mr. Rossi, Marioso, Amanda Dunn, F-Dux, V Tha Noble 1, Young Nobles & F.O.E. The album includes production by: Pain, SupaMan, Mobius Suntzu, FunkDaddy, Maniac Tha SiouxperNatural, Big Ice, Apoulo, Red Head Steve & JooneBug. The album is now available for purchase @ www.cinatramusic.com, www.digstation.com/cinatra and www.cdbaby.com/cd/cinatramusic Or you can send a $12 Money Order to: David C. Lee Deep Groove Entertainment P.O. Box 14714 Mill Creek, WA. 98082-2714 Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery For updated news, upcoming shows, releases and reviews; you can log onto www.cinatramusic.com or you can send me an e-mail about joining my mailing list. F.O.E./Deep Groove Entertainment Presents CINATRA RHYMEZ EMPHASIZING ACTUAL LIFE Tracklisting 1. Survivin Iz Ah Must - (4:30) 2. Dats Whasup - (4:18) 3. We. - ft. Overflow, X-Caliber, Mobius & Ashes of The Camp (3:55) 4. Microphone Mutilation - ft. Mo-X & LilG (3:37) 5. Tha Ghetto - ft. TyShawn (4:18) 6. Sunny Dayz - ft. Mr. Rossi (5:12) 7. Down 4 Me - ft. Marioso & Amanda Dunn (4:44) 8. Know About It (3:24) 9. REAL Gangstaz (Interlude) (0:35) 10. U Aint No Psycho - ft. Marioso, F-Dux & Overflow (4:02) 11. When U Comeup Missin - ft. V Tha Noble 1 & F-Dux (4:12) 12. Punk Police (3:44) 13. Am I My Brothaz Keeper Or Killa? (Interlude) (0:59) 14. Strugglin (Livin Just Enuff For Tha City) - ft. Mobius Suntzu Of The Camp (4:11) 15. Friend Or F.O.E. - ft. F.O.E. (6:03) 16. Take Ah Look @ Your Life - ft. TyShawn (3:59) 17. Git Drunk, Git Hype - ft. Overflow & F-Dux (4:20) 18. Tha Commission - ft. F.O.E. (6:49) Thank you for your continued support! Holla @cha boy! PEACE & 1-LUV Cinatra Deep Groove Entertainment www.cinatramusic.com www.myspace.com/cinatra www.cdbaby.com/cinatra www.cdbaby.com/cd/cinatramusic www.blackplanet.com/makadoshis