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Dead Men Talking
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Ethereal Electro-Rock surrounded by psicadelic toughts and twisted lyrics.
Absolution Of Time
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Keep Falling Down
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Document of a Life
Breathe and Catch Yourself
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Inside Voice Third Circle
Dream About Dead Forest
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Dead Men Talking is a musical project that works with human and non human moments. We try to capture the moment between different levelïs. We really believe that thereïs a lot more, behind what we can see, make or do. Our recreation is here to serve all of your needs. Over the music minutes, we have taken our "guests" away from everyday life and created a adventure voyage. We believe everyone deserves to travel trough this passage.
Band/artist history
Dead Men Talking is a portuguese experimental/electronica music project that was born in the winter of 2005. The name was originally invented by founder MÃrcio Alfama, and represents an old cultural project of MÃrcio Alfama: a literature project involving schizophrenic patients, from several portuguese mental institutes. To give a voice to those who were ostracized from the society was the target of this literature project. The project never took off due to lack of funds. Dead Men Talking were born Dead MAN Talking, and it was a individual project. Instrumentalist MÃrcio Alfama, founder of the project, invited ex-Hiranyagarbha (an dismembered alternative rock portuguese band) vocalist Carlos Silva to produce some tracks together. In the beginning of Dead Men Talking, the project combined electronica music, with noisy guitars, as well as downtempo-slow motion beats. Haunting and disturbing voices were also a trademark of the early Dead Men Talking sounds. At this stage friends and artists like Metricks, JDVoid, Laparoto, TÂHelsinquia and Gox collaborated in some tracks. Thoughts and feelings; images and memories. Existentialists, spiritualists, Dead Men Talking began to increase their needs. In 2007, guitar player José "Austro", and VJ César Ventura, joined the band, resulting in new musical environments. The track "Document of a Life" marked the changing point of the band. "DonÂt Know Yet" is the next work to be released. Inspired by Dante AlighieriÂs "The Descent into Hell", it is a much darker musical approach, using more electronica and classical instruments; it could be another twist in DMTÂs music. "We still believe in a future with instrumentalism. We still believe. Our recreation is here to serve all of your needs. Over the music minutes, we take our guests away from everyday life and created a voyage. We believe everyone deserves to travel trough this passage" â“ Dead Men Talking
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