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Aleph 1ne
Aleph 1ne
34 Tracks
Hip Hop, freestlye, instrumentals, underground, tagging, breaking, and everything else you'd find in a Justin Bua painting..... On da real.
Meet Aleph 1ne- The sum of all parts. A man who's ability to rock a mic is matched only by his passion for the art. His commanding presence over the english language makes for an ideally diverse rhyme style. A nomad at heart, Aleph has traveled coast to coast in search for the most bangin' beats and freshest venues to display his unique and charismatic lyricism. For this emcee, battling is not necessary... The stripes have already been earned.
Band/artist history
Started out as a devout lyricist, but there aren't aren't enough rugged boom bap beats so, I took it on myself to become a beatsmith and learn the ins and outs of production. The finished product.... A fly B-Boy with madd talent in all aspects of urban culture.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
of course.
Your musical influences
Blackalicious (gift) and the whole quannum movement. Common, dj Shadow, Rza for real. Premo, Nas, The late Great J Dilla, Madlib(lootpack), Mf Doom. Mos Def, talib, Black Milk and All the people i have sampled, most of all....
What equipment do you use?
Mpc 1000, roland sp-404, korg synth, sm58, 55sh series 2, tech 12' cdj-1000, roland m-240, i have a zoom mrs-1266 (digi recorder) the thing works just like a tape player without the tape and madd effects.. love that analog sound. My newest addition is a Phantom series keyboard by roland. And I use synth's here and there (alesis micro x) along with alesis compressers... i'm a gear head.. I stay away from the pc as much as possible.
Anything else?
World Made world is the first solo project I recorded. Phokez and I pounded out return to state in like 2 months, at the same time I did the heartstring ep. produced by ky clear. We finished 06' and Ill kicks.. I'm hype about this one. the beats are hot.. lyrics are on point.... A real representation of northwest b-boys. Controlled folley has done well... That is my first instrumental hip-hop album. I have been feeling the down tempo ambient shit for a minute now. The past 2 years have brought a lot of personal growth... I'm just trying to see how far I can push these boundaries....
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