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Trigga Tae Produktionz
Trigga Tae Produktionz
62 Tracks
Ya boi Trigga from da ATL.
On Da Grind
Whip Game ft. Yung Dave
Farrari Shyt (ft. KcBlaze)
Just To Make Fist Glow
I Still Move Work
Yo wuts good this ya boi Trigga Tae. I dont really have a band i just make beats. Me along with my homeboi Jahi A.K.A Slim J. We been making beats for bout a year now but it almost seems like longer. Its just somethn we love to do and we are tryin to make it in da music production industry. We are still in high school but you kno its all good we are just doing some that we are good at and tryin to get heard and see wut yall and all the listeners think about us and if we got what it takes. So if you like what you hear let us know. 1
Band/artist history
LEASING RIGHTS - You will receive a 192kbps encoded MP3-file of the instrumental. This file will be sent to you digitally. Leasing rights allow you to this "instrumental" for "One (1) commercial for-profit recording or broadcast".But you may also use the instrumental for "non-profit, promotional or demo use".You will receive a contract granting you non-exclusive rights to the instrumental after purchase. EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS - (email me for prices) You will receive the instrumental fully mixed down in a WAV-file and/or a 320kbps encoded MP3-file. Exclusive rights grant you unlimited commercial recordings and broadcasts. You have full rights to record, alter, mix the instrumental in any shape, way, or form (except reselling the instrumental). Once purchased, no one else may further lease or buy the same instrumental. You will receive a contract in the mail granting you full exclusive rights to the instrumental. The instrumental will be listed as "SOLD" and the download option will be removed from this page. PAYMENT METHODS: PayPal is the preferred option. You can also send money through Western Union or cashiers check by mail at the below address. Antravious Williams 116 Daphney St. Se, Milldegeville, GA 31061
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Naw not reall, im just a kid at home in his basement making beat after beat. If you think about it I am kinda new to this and i am still tryin to figure how to work some of this software. i dont have any equipment just a good sound system and my computer. I just put da basics 2gether and they turn out a masterpiece. LOL
Your musical influences
Major producers and rap artists around the world.
What equipment do you use?
Just have software right now but i use Fruityloops, Cubase and getting more soon.
Anything else?
IMPORTANT: My beats are VOCAL TAG FREE and can be used for non-profit purposes only, as long as you give proper credit to 'Trigga Tae' (if you violate our copyright for commercial reasons without purchasing a license, you WILL be sued!). Listen and enjoy!!!!
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