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Picture Filled
Picture Filled
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New MEtal, Picture Filled, Emo-Punk ,POst-Hardcore
Breathing Room
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Hello We Are Picture Filled!!!! weeeee
Band/artist history
in these days dominated by the emo*rock genre it isn't difficult to put new generation bands in their place. there are screamo bands,emo-pop, hardcore-emo, and emo-rock bands. but amongst all these bands one must never forget that there are the exceptional ones. this is where picture filled comes in. unworried and unscathed by the seemingly endless tunnel of single-genre bands spawning everywhere around the philippines, this band prepares and dares to be different..in their mind music is not and cannot be boxed into definition. to them, music is allowing oneself to bend all rules of song writing and delivery..it is here where the difference lies... Picture Filled was literally a one-night-only group, having formed to play for exactly that: one night. the result of that combination was to prove most exciting for the group as they shared their individual opinions on self-expression and fulfillment. it pushed them to morph into one explosive quintet; one that would share their deepest tragedies and yet ironically express their thanks for it through their songs. music became their outlet. and emo was their vehicle. The group is composed of Michael ( Vocals) who screams and sings, Rj and Jp (Guitars) whose guitar riffs raise from heavy to the ambient, Kirvy (Drums) and Ronald a.k.a Jawo (Bass) who maintain the groove and the rhythm to guide the rest into play. the cebuano independents came to be on January 2004, and they do admit that they have yet to find their musical identity, experimenting every chance they get. That image doens't seem to be far off as the band plans to release an album early 2006. but it makes them sure that they won't stop from experimenting with other sounds and styles. the band relish every opportunity they have to please the crowd and it is with this attitude that they hope to find themselves satisfied..