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Carolina State Of Mind
Carolina State Of Mind
10 Tracks
HardBody Da Movement , CrackAudio , Carolina's Best of Da Best
Duran Dollars aka Ransom (Rans for short, born Duran Copeland) was a rapper who emerged from the underground rap scene in the Carolina's. Growing up in a small town in South Carolina ransom was like most other young kids, playing sports hanging out with friends going to the movies & etc. It wasn't Intel his cousin Mario, aka Moe Murdah made a rap cd that quickly impressed his younger cousin ransom to want to make a cd of his own. Ransom quotes "ever since I was a kid my brother and his friends would be in my house rapping and making beats so I grew up around rap music." Back in Dillon, South Carolina there was no studios to record your songs every one down there has talent but no where to showcase it. Half of my friends or dead or doing 10 years or better and Im only 18 so Im just trying to stay alive and stay free. Ransom moved to a small town near Raleigh, NC called Clayton back in the early part of 2001. My moms use to work all the time and my pops was gone so me and my older brother did what we wanted to do, its not like my moms didn't care she just worked hard so she want home a lot. I was getting in trouble and not going to school and plus my older brother dropped out of school and was getting involved with the wrong people and started trying to sale drugs. When my parents separated I started getting in even more trouble and I tryed to sale drugs my self, that's one of the reasons my moms wanted to move out of South Carolina and start a new life in NC. Back in 2001 my brother shot this guy dat we was kewl with, so my moms really wanted to move then, but right after all dat happen I found out I had cancer in my neck. When I found out I had cancer it hurt me to my heart I was only 14 so it was hard for me to understand what was going on. When we moved to NC I started my life over and I didn't tell no one that I had cancer because by this time I had went throw all dat so I was good. Still having that passion for rap, ransom meet this guy by the name of Alex at Clayton High and Alex also just happen to have a passion for music. Alex didn't rap he just made beats and he had equipment to record on. Instantly we became friends and I started recording songs and I made a CD with some beats that he made and passed it out around school. Two years later at the same school met a kid that just moved to NC from Harlem, NYC. The kid who moved from NYC just happen to hear ransom cd and gave it to his father who own a record label by the name of Ice Man Ent. Ransom quotes" After school one day the kid from Harlem told me to that Agallah Don Bishop from PurpleCity-Dipset was gone be over his house dat afternoon and his father wanted me to come throw and met him." I couldn't believe dat Agallah was down here in NC and thats crazy how I met him still Intel this day. Agallah told me a few things about the game and I took notes and from there I ran with it. I dropped a indie cd throw this label call CrushaDesigns (www.crusha.com) and est. a buzz & saved up my money so I could buy my own studio. After I dropped a cd with Crusha I left and went solo I realized that was that best move. Working with under ground artist like Ike Eyes from PurpleCity-Ghetto RockStars, St. Laz(Pottersfield ) , Sin Sizzerb, Tom Gist(Dipset),Diego Redd, Hershe just to name a few, Ransom is one of the newest artist to keep your eyes on for the new year.
Band/artist history
YOU ARE IN TUNE INTO THA MOVEMENT: ARTIST DAT I'VE WORKED WITH & DAT IM WORKIN WITH Ike Eyes : Purple City / Ghetto Rockstar Hershe : Straight Bangaz Ent. Tom Gist : DipSet Flmae bka Young Vet Sin Sizzerb Young Mattic Deigo Redd GL (Team NCS) Yaki (Hardbody) Shotime St.Laz (Pottersfield) Swicth (Pottersfield) Opium (Pottersfield) Atilla ScarChild Bizone Big Cas Shelly B PRODUCERS DAT I'VE WORKED WITH Tha Kidd Wonder Tha Kidd Jerzee Up Town Ent. Kold Kuts Cells Capp Dj Nice TaskForce Heater Yessur Alais Doe Boy (Fire & Ice Ent)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
HardBody Inc & Dj Chaplin Presents. Ransom aka Duran Dollars Carolina State Of Mind img src="http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/7679/rp7fz54ddow58lv.gif"
Your musical influences
Big L, Agallah Don Bishop, Cam'ron, 2pac, Biggie , and so etc.
What equipment do you use?
AIM - DuranDollars img src="http://img131.imageshack.us/img131/6504/i3npfsu0q3dl9vf.gif"
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