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Souly Track
Souly Track
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Urban, Hip Hop & R'n'B crew from Mtl, Canada!
For two years, Souly Track has been growing tremendously. From starting with nothing to having our own studio, developping our own sounds, producing our own music, working on our own hits. We have now come to a time where we need the people's opinion, see what you like and don't. Don't b shy, holla at us!
Band/artist history
We started out in October of 2003, three ambitious young men; Rum, Jay and Da Persian Boy. We formed Souly Track, and began making hot music in an instant. Every studio session, every practice, every show, we've been growing stronger and wiser. We've grown so much from then, and we still have room to grow. You can never have too much experience.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah, we've done about 20 shows, if not more, over the last 2 years. It's the best feeling out there, no drug can give you that high!
Your musical influences
Rum (Rapper/Producer): R.Kelly, Scott Storch, Matt Houston, Neptunes, and Also My Dad. Jay (Singer/Producer): Dr. Dre, R.Kelly, Charlie Wilson, Ron Isley, Bobby Brown, Tony Toni Tones. DpB (Rapper/Consultant): Tupac, Ludacris, Metallica, P. Diddy (only as a Businessman!)
What equipment do you use?
Our Acoustic Guitar, Reason, Fruity Loops and our synth. Nothing fancy, but you be the judge of that.
Anything else?
Got nuthin else to say but keep the music alive! As long as we got our music, no matter what, our souls will survive.