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Joe Dooling
Joe Dooling
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Joe Dooling Acoustic Indie Rock Solo Artist from boston Similar to David Gray Howie Day Gavin Degraw dashboard confessional jack johnson dmb coldplay matt natha
Joe was born just outside of Boston Mass, in a house that always had music playing. He was influenced by the music of his parents and started going to concerts at a young age. Taking time to play drums and piano, writing came later on. He didnt pick up the guitar until the age of 18 and never thought of it as a career until college. Thats when I realized that every school I had been to made me wonder if working 9-5 was really the life for me, he says. After a couple years of playing open mics, small gigs and at parties, he realized that taking it further was next on the list. I like to think people like my music because it's honest. Ive heard it described as smooth and relaxed vocals and emotional lyrics over strong chords. But I think more importantly, I would describe my music as my life. I write music to make people feel the way that I do, to share what I'm going through. Some songs have always made me feel a certain way, only music can do that. My dream is to write songs that touch people in a way that nothing else can, to write a song that someone listens to every night before they go to sleep. I love playing at shows and seeing people singing my lyrics. I write anything and everything that is on my mind. I try to capture a specific feeling with each song that someone will be able to relate to, the type of feeling you could get from a relationship, a broken heart or even a sunrise. David Gray is one of my favorite artists ever; I think his lyrics are phenomenal. Howie Day has been very influential in terms of my live performance specifically in the way he holds nothing back. Dashboard Confessional has also been huge in influencing my lyrics. Their lyrics cover all sides of make-ups to break-ups better than anyone else."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
There's nowhere in world I would rather be than on a stage performing live in front of an audience. To me it's the greatest feeling in the world, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
Your musical influences
David Gray, Dashboard Confessional, Coldplay, NIN, Howie Day, Radiohead, John Mayer, Dispatch, G-Love, Oasis FAV CD's (excluding Greatest Hits, Compilations, Soundtracks and Live CD's): Perfecto Presents Another world-Paul Oakenfold, A new day at midnight-David Gray, The downward spiral-NIN, Philadelphonic-G-Love, Before these crowded streets-DMB, Give up-Postal service, A Grand Dont Come for Free-The Streets, Rockitty roll-Mike Doughty, O-Damien Rice, 3eb-3EB, the marshall mathers LP-Eminem, Hot Fuss-The Killers. Other Artists: Snow Patrol, Athlete, Howie Day, JayZ, Guster, Dashboard, Joe Dooling, Coldplay, Tori Amos, Elliot Smith, Counting Crows, John Legend, the Cure, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Charlotte Martin, the Police, U2, Enya, Dead Can Dance, Lisa Gerrard lots more
What equipment do you use?
Live setup includes: Takamine ac/elec, Shure sm58, dd-4, dd-6, 2 Line6 DL4's, Berhinger 602, PS-2, TU-2, SD-1, OC-2, BF-2, EQ-2, Dr. Sampler
Anything else?
If you buy one CD this year, buy Plans by Deathcab for Cutie. But if you buy TWO CDs this year, also buy Waiting for an Earthquake by Joe Dooling