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John Paul and The Popes
We like punk. Breezy a wild fuck, who will do just about anything. We are John Paul and The Popes and we play punk music. Kind of sound like The Germs a little.
12 songs
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Pedifile Roy
Oil Pop
Oil, yeah, it's oil.
A Pirates Life For Me
Outta My Brain
Bag a Baby
10 songs
John Paul and The Popes is a punk band. Pure punk like The Germs and The Sex Pistols is all we play. We like punk and we play punk and we live punk.
Band/artist history
John Paul and The Popes started out as The Dysentery Fairys but we changed our name. We began because breezy, our singer, wanted to start a band really bad. So we said ok and kris already knew how to play guitar so he played guitar and todd bought a drum set and learned, really fast. We wanted to be a decent band so we started right away with making songs and recording and all that stuff. It turned out to be the best band any of us were ever in because it is the only one we are still in and a lot of people say we kind of sound like the germs. Breezy really likes the Germs. Our display picture is our T-shirt with Breezy. He is quite a character
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We have only played live one. We played at a party with The Aborted Fetuses and we played a small show with The Machines and The Aborted Fetuses
Your musical influences
We are influenced by most 70-80's punk. The Germs, The Adolescents, TSOL, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones, The Decendents, and countless more. We are also influenced by Led Zeppelin, The Doors, and other classic rock band although we don't really play that style of music.
What equipment do you use?
The Cheapest good stuff
Anything else?
Listen to our music. It's not the best but it will definitly do. Some is live and some is Recorded. Some of it is from our previous band but it's all good.
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Let That Go
GAME 42 Dugg Lil Baby Freestyle Type Beat
Send Me An Angel (Drake Sample Type Beat)