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Denny Ohler
Denny Ohler
2 Tracks
Denny Ohler Guitar & Bass Original music like UFO, Deep Purple, Head East, Aerosmith, Trapeze, Aldo Nova, 70's 80's Rock
My Prerogative (Live)
Peak in sub-genre #23
Just Want To Be Your Man
Band/artist history
I have played in bands all my life. I started playing guitar at the age of 3. I have pictures to prove it. At the age of 12 I joined the musicians union and a band called Page, and by 13 I had played every bar in a 50 mile radius from home. In the 70's I played for Freedom and Back Road Blue. In 75 I quit the Steel mill and joined a band called Blue Dawn and went on the road for 5 years. The 80's I played for Dark Star and did 2 years on the road. Then in the mid 80's & 90's I was with 5th Avenue, Wild Ride, Kicker, Mingo, State of Mind, playing localy. Now after a 8 year lay off I'm with SOB as the Bass player. I'm ready to rock the world.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live with a band called SOB, (Short of Breath) http://sobband.com
Your musical influences
UFO, Mott The Hoople, Deep Purple, Trapeze, Head East, AXE, Giuffria, Aldo Nova
What equipment do you use?
If I'm Playing Guitar I use a Washburn 29 fret Stephen cutaway EC-29 and a small Ampeg 12 amp. Playing bass I use a Ibanez Ergodyne EDB600. 2 x 15's and 1X10 a Peavey head.
Anything else?
I love to play, I want to rock the world, and I will post more Originals soon. Just want to be your man is a slow song with little guitar but I wanted people to here it.