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The Marmot Band
The Marmot Band
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From ambient to orchestral rock, The Marmot Band plays original compositions in many different styles. We don't confine ourselves to any one genre, and we go wh
The Marmot Band plays an eclectic blend of music which reflects their philosophy of open-mindedness and drawing on knowledge from a variety of sources. The Marmots feature an ever-changing line-up with an infinite number of combinations - players of electronic and acoustic instruments from a variety of backgrounds encompassing a wide stylistic range. At the center of the Marmot Band is driving force and creator, Gavin Greenfield. He writes, arranges, and produces all music performed and recorded by the Marmots. His writing is not bound by any one style, and his arrangements vary from solo instruments to full orchestras. Gavin's most unique role in the project is the gathering and keeping of the actual marmots, whose role he claims is "absolutely essential to the recording process." Each winter, with the permission of federal officials, Gavin treks to an undisclosed location in the high country and selects the marmots that will be utilized in the upcoming year's projects. He has never revealed what factors influence the selection of the marmots, although past contributors to the project unanimously agree his choices are consistently appropriate. Much debate has circulated over whether Gavin allows the marmots to influence the tone of each project or if he chooses them with certain goals already in mind. He has remained characteristically quiet on this subject. Gavin assures the public that the marmots are treated very humanely and enjoy a comfortable, luxurious lifestyle. "I allow them to frolic free on my many acres and to dine to their satisfaction on bountiful fields of lupine."
Band/artist history
One day while standing atop the Continental Divide with the squeaking of marmots filling his ears along with the rushing alpine winds Gavin looked to the East. He thought that hypothetically if he were somehow able to travel directly straight ahead without impediment or interruption, nothing would stop his progress until he reached the Pyrenees or the towering Alps. He realized that most of America's population lived in a place where they could never have the awe-inspiring and transcendent experience of chancing upon a wild marmot in its natural setting. At first he felt a deep overwhelming sadness for all of those who would never experience this enriching moment, but this quickly gave way to an equally deep determination to spread the glory of the marmot to this who might otherwise never know. Immediately he began to formulate his plan for recruiting and utilizing marmots to help express and realize his sprawling array of musical ideas, adding details even as he descended on the return hike. From then on nothing could stop Gavin and he soon obtained the permission to harvest and transport marmots from their alpine homes to the lowlands. The length of each marmot's tenure in the band varies, but Gavin maintains constant relationships with former band members and is always generously received on his return visits to the high country. The Marmot project is ongoing. Gavin considers himself lucky to have the special opportunity to continue to pursue his work and looks forward to many more collaborations with other artists who share Gavin's appreciation for the vaunted ruler of the high mountain kingdom.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Although such occasions are never announced, if you're lucky you may get a very rare glimpse of the Marmot Band with the Marmot Entourage in one of Boulder's many intimate venues.
Your musical influences
Bands: Gorillaz, The Beatles, The Crickets, The Monkees, The Byrds, The Eagles, The Turtles, The Eels, Seal, Modest Mouse, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Ratt, The Animals, The Stray Cats, Flock of Seagulls, Adam Ant, Monty Python. Songs: Rock Lobster, I Am the Walrus, Fly Like an Eagle, Barracuda, Rocky Raccoon, Crocodile Rock, Muskrat Love, Monkey Man, Baby Snakes, Gregory Peccary, Hound Dog, A Horse With No Name, Alligator, Bird Dog, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Hungry Like the Wolf, Peace Frog, Southbound Pachyderm
What equipment do you use?
All the equipment used to trap the marmots is humane and assures the utmost safety and comfort of the marmots during the transportation process.
Anything else?
Many Colorado residents and outdoorspeople have come to regard the majestic marmot as a hiking companion who they can always count on to approach and greet visitors to the highest mountainous regions with its mighty squeak. Gavin hopes to bring this sense of familiarity with the Marmot to the band's recordings and to encourage a deeper sense of solidarity with the marmot throughout the human world.
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