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My Mind's Eye
My Mind's Eye
7 Tracks
A violent cocaphony of the strange sounds and noises I hear in the depths of my tormented mind. A grinding attack of shreiks and howls that would make the might
Now I Scream From Hell
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screams of flooding suffering
Peak in sub-genre #57
This is a project made with one purpose:To annoy everyone by allowing myself free range to do whatever I want. Witness a combination of screamo,grind,and deathblack metal hitherto unheard,with some accoustic and a capella thrown in for good measure.
Band/artist history
My Mind's Eye is the pet project of me, Matthew Gene Bennett. I am 19 years old, and am a vocalist and guitarist. My Mind's Eye formed at the end of last school year as a proposal between me and my buddy Chris, a bassist, after he said he was looking for help in forming a band. After giving him a rather archaic tape of my primitive axe skills and vocal style, for I had only just gotten serious about making music a priority in my life, he simply said "cool" and we were on.Unfortunately before I could drag my gear to his place and rehearse, the year ended and I moved out here to Dyer, IN to live with my grandparents after issues with my mother I'd rather not speak of. This is where it gets serious. While here I finally delved into my guitar books and started to teach myself. Since I made my first true tape, a gift to my then girl friend and current good friend Christine Sapienza of Los Angeles, my skills were still bad enough to make Sid Vicious blush. My last tape,traced the evolution from atrocious to decent, and I'm proud of it. I have learned a little bit of everything about guitar playing, I just haven't exactly mastered anything...you know, Jack of all trades,master of none. On a 1-10 scale I'm between a 4 and 6. My lyrics are basically based from my feelings to my fatasies,and cover nature; religion, both christianity and paganism for in me lies a conflict in both; politics...not that an 18 year old should know a damn thing about politics...right; gore..murder; battle; lacanthropy, vampirism, satan, dragons, rage, and even my favorite characters like Raven and Terra of Teen Titans. So what, I'm a geek! I don't give a shit! I like to tell stories in my lyrics. Being a lyricist is my true passion. I never take standard issue song approaches. I rarely use choruses because they distract from the tale. When I write an emo song, I make it either an epic ballad, or a short, bloody, wickedly violent little ditty because I don't feel sadness most of the time, but undeniable rage. When I write political stuff, I never hold anything back...in fact my anti-Bush stuff might downright frighten the crap out of you because I have weird fantasies when it comes to snuffing that man. And my fantasy lyrics I try to make as believable and lovely..horrible as possible, depending on the creature or event. I love werewolf and vampire lyrics because you can make them vicious and delightfully wicked or sinful, or epicly tragic or romantic. Anyways, I feel that if you aren't playing from the heart, then you need to stop playing. Music is supposed to be fun, emotional, and thought provoking. When you lose sight of that, you are finished my friend.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No,mainly because my beats are programmed onto a desktop computer,so it's nigh impossible to move the damn thing to a live setting. Besides,I can't find a drummer capable of playing 1,000 bpm anyways.
Your musical influences
Pig Destroyer,Bayi,TASW,KHR,Agoraphobic Nosebleed,Carcass,Orthrelm,Crom-tech,At the Drive-In,Cannibal Corpse,Guner00k,Merzbow,Masonna,Mayhem,Emperor,Samurai:the Love and the Fury,Gigantic Brain,Anal Cunt,Converge,Stephen O'malley,The Flying Luttenbachers,Karlheinz Stockhausen,Derek Bailey,John Cage
What equipment do you use?
a Harmony accoustic,a Harmony travel electric,a nameless accoustic piece of shit,a First Act strat copy,a 10 watt guitar amp from First Act with a distortion setting,a 50 watt Washburn bass amp,a Digitech Death Metal distortion pedal,and Fruity Loops
Anything else?
Music is art! Remember it!
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