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Fire And Ice
Georgia On My Mind
All By Myself
Don't Ask Me Why
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Heart Breaker
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here to start...Well first off thank you for visiting my page and wanting to know more about me...i appreciate all of my fans very much so..My name is Nina I grew up in a small town in Western Pennsylvania.Growing up was amazing,my home was always filled with song.As my mother told me i was always a little "ham" and was singing and before i could speak.My mother decided to get my vocal lessons at the age of 4.Ive been doing it ever since then.I love singing more than anything,its all i've ever known really and i wouldn't want to know anything else.Singing bring such great passion and emotion into my life.Most of my fan based started when i was on Maury Povich at age 9 and America's Best Kid Diva at age 10.I was very eager to perform in front of millions of people i thought it would be such a rush and it was.Camera's all around i loved it.When we went for auditions for America's Best Kid Diva i was so scared but so exited.They could only pick 10 kids out of thousands.I got picked.And i won.Judged by some famous judges such as Gladys Knight,Debra Gibson.After i won that i got to record a demo in New York which was so exiting. After that everything just came into place.After all of that i started getting acting classes.Cont. Dance and Singing.My resume just kept growing and growing.Around the age of 12 i really got into writing my own lyrics it meant so much more to me because they were my words, this is how i felt and i loved it.Ive been with many voice coaches worldwide and they helped me alot.I do alot of performing for charity's such as St Judes Childrens Hospital,American Cancer Society.I love performing and i love getting up there.Singing just means everything to me.I also did a few commericals recently.I did a VH1 commerical.a conair commerical,and we did a barbie movie and i got to be barbie which hasn't been released yet, but i will let you all know the date.Right now i am 18 years old,still doing all my vocal lessons,i teach dancing now and im a college student.Just living life how it should be.Im still writing my own music, recording daily.Im working with a few different producers right now i really don;t wanna rush anything, one step at a time...Keep checking back for updates....I 3 you all Thanks for all the support Nina
Band/artist history
A singeran entertainera multi-talented young woman. A performer who has entertained millions of people with her performance on America's Best Diva Show. An entertainer who has touched audiences while performing with the likes of Kimberly Locke and Jeff Foxworthy. A recording artist and song writer Her name is Nina In the small friendly town of Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania, Nina grew up in a home filled with song. Her mother, a church choir vocalist and her father, an avid southern blues guitarist would fill Ninas everyday life with beautiful, heartfelt music. As Nina tells it, "There was always music in our life, the church, the house and always the car radio." At an early age, Nina taught herself the feel and interpretation of pop music. It was then that Nina began developing her own distinctive style that has been called the heart and soul of a woman in the body of young girl. Eager to perform for a larger audience than just family and friends, in 2003 the Tarvers traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the audition of the Gimme The Mike. Her talent left the producers speechless and she was immediately given a spot on the show. Nina received tremendous critical praise from judges Deborah Gibson and legendary pop vocalist Gladys Knight all the while building a solid fan base as Nina became one of the finalist in the competition. Upon Nina's return to Pennsylvania, Nina began recording demos and performing numerous shows in the southeastern part of the United States.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yes i do very often i do alot of charity events all the time.I love the joy my music brings to people's lives
Your musical influences
christina,aretha franklin,janet jackson,mariah carey...
What equipment do you use?
Audio Recorders Studer A827 2" 24-Track Recorder Studer A807 2-Track Recorder (64 Tracks of Pro Tools 5.1 Mix Plus / 24 Digital Recording and Mixing Extensive Pro Tools Plug-in's (Focusrite, Antares Auto-Tune, Bomb Factory, Line 6, etc...) Tascam DA-88 Digital Recorder w/Sync Card (call for scheduling and rates) Alesis ADAT XT Digital Recorder Panasonic SV 3800 DAT Recorder Tascam 122 MK II Cassette Decks
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