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Portable Darkness
Portable Darkness
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Portable Darkness is enigmatic sleep music, or psychedelic weekend music, or empathetic mood music; or if you prefer, just plain and simple night time jogging m
Portable Darkness is enigmatic sleep music, or psychedelic weekend music, or empathetic mood music; or if you prefer, just plain and simple night time jogging music... Formed out of Flagstaff, AZ on feb. 6 2oo3; Portable Darkness is the solo electronic synth/sampler project of Azrael Ravencroft (w. the occasional live instrumentation/voice-over, support of friends). Portable Darkness falls somewhere within dark ambient, post-modern trance and industrial soundtrack- while striving to find it's own unique voice and, ever so gently, touch those who will to listen...
Band/artist history
derived from scott michaelson's aleister crowley reader of the same title (harmony books 1989) the three primary themes portable darkness investigates are information warfare, space travel, and disenchanted mysticism. azrael ravencroft, known to parents and due to some bookish legality, as ezra miller, initiated portable darkness 2/06/03 with a simple open mic set, confusing both himself and listeners with something other than a guitar. utililizing a primarily sample based approach, with the basic rhythm/melody loop/progression and additional sounds and voices being triggered, portable darkness remains just that- portable. don't let iconoclast dj stereotypes fool you, PD creates its own music, on synthesizer, drum pad, flute, some live drums and percussion. PD continues to expand its creative sound playing with open and like minded musicians, everything from free jazz and drone rock (INDEPENDENT NOISE PARTY & THE RASP) to nihilistic "space music" and electronic so called "ambient" (11:11) etc. while ideally playing for very small and appreciative audiences, PD continues to test its own limits performing at a variety of house parties and studio situations, and the occasional club. Portable Darkness has self produced and, in the case of limited editions, self released 3 full length cds, one under the name "SEELAB", in addition to one e.p. and one compilation under the moniker "CLOTHING" while collaborations continue to be an essential part of portable darkness, all releases are solo material, except for the occasional remix, most recently of "RUMOURS OF LIFE" and for remix purposes only, "INK1" if you are lucky enough to live in the northern arizona area please come out and support any PD related performance, keywords: INDUSTRIAL, ELECTRONIC, AMBIENT, TRANCE.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
9. 8/05/05 w/ Fear Folk The Hive, Flagstaff, AZ. 8. 2/25/05 Piscean Birthday Bash, Flagstaff, AZ. live improv set/spoken word guitar- James B., addtl. spoken word - Ash Rickli 7. 2/04/05 w/ dugRnet & 2 Hours of Bliss Monte Vista Lounge, Flagstaff, AZ. bass - Michael Pettit 6. 7/10/04 w/ special guests Pete & Jane's, Flagstaff, AZ. "X-DAY" live improv set/spoken word bass, addtl. spoken word - Michael Pettit, bass- Laurel Cutland, vocal fx- Lance Israel, vocals- Universalia Jane 5. 7/04/04 w/ Stellazine by Starlight Buzz's Yerba Mate Bar, Flagstaff, AZ. 4. 5/08/04 w/ the Rasp, Vesica Piscis Fort Tuthill Fairgrounds, Flagstaff, AZ. 3. 10/25/03 w/ Deathrockdancehall 4610 S. Lake Mary Road, Flagstaff, AZ. 2. 9/13/03 w/ Universalia Jane Pete & Jane's, Flagstaff, AZ. "Robot Party" live improv set keys, vocals - Universalia Jane 1. 2/06/03 Orpheum Theatre, Flagstaff, AZ.
Your musical influences
ambient temple of imagination, amon tobin, amorphous androgynous, aphex twin, art of noise, banco de gaia, boards of canada, bob holroyd, cevin key, coil, cotton ferox, darling kandie, dead voices on air, delerium, dj cheb i sabbah, download, dugRnet, excursions in ambience, fred gianelli, from here to tranquility, hecate, independent noise party , ink1, jack dangers, kenji kawaii, lumakanda, meat beat manifesto, ministry, muslimgauze, my life with the thrill kill kult, not breathing, oneiroid psychosis, penal colony, perceptual outer dimensions, peter gabriel, plateau, PHIL WESTERN, pigface, PSYCHIC TV, psychick warriors ov gaia, signal 12, skinny puppy, steve roach, subgenius, test dept, the rasp, the residents, thee majesty, throbbing gristle, tino corp., tranquility bass, transglobal underground, twilight circus dub soundsystem, vesica piscis, zia, tim burton, david lynch, mamoru oshii, sealab 2021, clive barker, aleister crowley, genesis p-orridge, timothy leary, solara, leilah wendell, alex grey...
What equipment do you use?
roland jx305 synth, roland sp808 sampler, samplitude 6.0, reason 2.5
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