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A Wing And A Prayer (ESVA)
A Wing And A Prayer (ESVA)
10 Tracks
bloxom praise band
Let It Rain (Live)
Peak in sub-genre #15
Ancient Words (Live)
Peak in sub-genre #32
Testimony/Sometimes Love (Live)
Peak in sub-genre #52
Every Move I Make (Live) [w/Faithweaver Kids]
Talkin' TV Evangelist Blues (demo)
We are a Praise Band that orginated in Bloxom, Virginia, that plays Gospel, Blues, Contemporary, and Traditional Christian music. This band is a side job for each of us, but we consider it more of a hobby because we enjoy playing to people for the Lord. We buy all of our equipment with our own money, and donate offerings that we receive to different causes.
Band/artist history
We began in Spring 2005 as a small praise band that played songs for a VBS-style gathering that happened every Sunday at Bloxom Church called Faithweaver Friends. Eventually, we began to add other songs outside of the Faithweaver's music onto our repoirtoire, just as fun songs to play. After we were asked to play at a Hymn Sing at Bloxom UMC, we decided to become a real Gospel band and play at other venues. Although we still play at Faithweavers, which occurs every Sunday, we now play at concerts and hymn sings, and have booked a few churches to play on the ES in 2006 and are looking to book more. "Preacher Man" Joe Shoop, who has been the pastor for Guilford Charge for almost 7 years, started the band and is a great leader, although he would not want to be called leader. He has a great singing voice that can be heard anywhere. Also, he recently switched from acoustic to electric when he fixed up a 1960's stratocaster that Red had sitting in his shed. Joe's wife, Deborah, is a very talented singer who also plays piano and saxophone outside of the band. She adds a strong and lovely female voice to our music that we did not have when we began. Also, Misty ___, recently became a member of our band to add another female voice. Even though s is only 12, she is a great singer and can only get better as she gets older. "The Killer" Red Miller is THE best keyboard player on the Eastern Shore. He has been in bands that have opened for bands such as Blackfoot, .38 Special, Molly Hatchet, Steppenwolf, and many others. He writes much of his own music and in 2005 had a comedy tune played on 103.3 WESR called "Forrest's Love Song". He adds the bass for us on the keys in addition to regular keyboard when Matt is unavailable. (www.soundclick.com/redmiller) Philly "Pip" Simpson, who is 15 years old and plays left-handed, provides the electric guitar for the band with his blues-influenced style of improvisation. He also writes his own music and is the leader of another non-Christian rock/blues band called Fish Market Band. (www.soundclick/phillysimpson), (www.soundclick.com/fishmarketband) Matt Shoop, Joe and Debra's son, is currently in college at Virginia Tech. He has been playing bass for a few years and is part of the original praise band. He helps create the foundation for the music we make with his bass; and although he still plays with us, he is available only when he is not at college. He is currently at Virginia Tech. Joel "Wing" Simpson is the Soundman for A Wing & A Prayer. He has been an Aerospace Engineer for 25 years and is very knowledgeable in electrical technology.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live every Sunday at 5:00P at a VBS style event at Guilford UMC...We also play at Bloxom UMC for Song Services and are booking some other concerts in churches on the Eastern Shore for 2006.
Your musical influences
We very much have our own style of playing...but we play music by artists such as: Chris Rice, Doobie Brothers, Ray Charles, etc.
What equipment do you use?
MUSICAL EQUIPMENT: Joe- Custom Stratocaster (w/1959 neck) Model Number:WO. 21277, Hohner Hand Crafted Acoustic Guitar, 2x60 Watt Behringer V-Tone Analog Modeling Amp, Behringer FS1120MX Foot Switch, Jim Dunlop Capo, Stagg Guitar Stand, Ernie Ball Heavy Slinky Guitar Strings, Konig And Meyers Guitar Stand Red- Roland RD-700sx Digital Stage Piano, Roland XP-60 Music Workstation Keyboard, Roland D-50 Linear Synthesizer, Roland MS-1 Digital Sampler, Peavey KB-300 Keyboard Amplifier, Tascam MM-1 Keyboard Mixer, Roland DP-8 Damper Pedal, Roland DP-2 Pedal, Konig And Meyers Keyboard Stand Phil- Epiphone Left-Handed Les Paul Standard, Hohner MS Blues Harp, Lee Oskar Major Diatonic Harmonica, Fender Performer 1000 Amplifier, Fender Foot Switch, ZOOM 707II Guitar Processor, DOD Ice Box Effects Pedal, Ernie Ball Super Slinky Guitar Strings, Tortex Dunlop .60 mm Guitar Picks, On-Stage Stands 2-Guitar Stand, On-Stage Stands Music Stand Matt- (more later) SOUND EPUIPMENT: Behringer Europower PMH-5000 Powered Mixer, Ross Systems 24" Speakers, Kustom 10" Speakers (as moniters), Shure SM-58 Legendary Vocal Microphone, Shure SM-57 Legendary Instrument Microphone, Roland DR-30 Microphone, Nady SP-5 Microphone, Fico UDM-328 Microphones, RadioShack Imp. 500 Dynamic Microphones, Konig And Meyers Boom Stand, Atlas Sound Microphone Stands, WJM Microphone Stand, Atlas Sound Gooseneck Extensions, Shure Microphone Clips, On-Stage Stands Dynamic Microphone Clip RECORDING EQUIPMENT: ZOOM MultiTrak Recording Studio MRS-1608CD, Behringer Europower PMH-5000 Powered Mixer, Technics M85. Cassette Decks, Cool Edit Pro 2.0, Maxwell UR 90 Cassette Tapes, Maxwell UR 120 Cassette Tapes, TDK 90 Cassette Tapes, TDK 120 Cassette Tapes, Sony MDR-CD180 Stereo Headphones
Anything else?
Our schedule for March 2006: Mar 5 5:00P Faithweaver Friends in Bloxom, VA @ Guilford UMC Mar 12 7:00P Faithweaver Friends in Bloxom, VA @ Guilford UMC Mar 19 5:00P Faithweaver Friends in Bloxom, VA @ Guilford UMC Mar 19 7:30P SONG SERVICE in Bloxom, VA @ Bloxom UMC Mar 26 Faithweaver Friends in Bloxom, VA @ Bloxom UMC Also coming up in April: April 16 or 23 7:30P Bloxom United Methodist Church in Bloxom, VA ^^Monthly service at Bloxom featuring (coming later)^^ If you would like to come see us and need directions you can contact us at (# coming soon)
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