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Bianca's freshman project Music in the Air is properly titled because you will find several genres on this CD from Gospel, Christian, Contemporary, Rhythm & Sou
Have it All
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All About U
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All that I Need
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Already Know
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A little bit of this A whole lot of that Keeps your head boppin Makes your fingers snap Can you hear it? It's music in the air! It's God's music....
Band/artist history
Bianca aka Deva-B is an anointed singer and songwriter. She was born in North Carolina to James and Linda Woodard. Bianca grew up in New Life Church of God in Christ in Augusta Georgia, where the Pastors are Apostle Claude and Prophetess Regina Harris. She sang in the RT Harris youth choir and later in the CL Harris Gospel Choir. Currently she serves in ministry as a member of the praise team "Genesis" and as an assistant director of the CL Harris Gospel Choir under Minister Claude L. Harris Jr. Bianca embarked upon her solo music career in 2002. She recorded a single entitled "You Have His Word" with Livin it Productions. The entire project, "Music in the Air", will soon (January 2006) be available for purchase through www.cdbaby.com/biancawoodard. Claude Deuce of Livin It Productions produced the entire project. All songs were written and arranged by Bianca except for "Music In the Air" and "Have It All", which were composed by C-Note of Livin It Productions.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love a live band and ministering live more that anything. There is something about being there with the people that is a high can't be duplicated in a studio.
Your musical influences
My influences include but are not limited to the following people: Pastor Regina T. Harris (First Lady Edition) cause nobody can take you into the presence of God like she can.., Vanessa Bell Armstrong (Peace Be Still) because she was the first artist I ever listened too (I was drugged up on quartet growing up), and Maurette Brown Clark (How I Feel)because even though she don't do all those riffs... you can feel her heart and soul in her music... I can't forget about the jazz greats Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald. India Arie...you gotta love her...she is too smooth and her lyrics are so thoughtful...Nora Jones is da jank too...Faith Evans...my girl..would love to meet her and India too.
What equipment do you use?
Right now I am working on a building a "lab" of my own so equipment is scarce. I do love the peavy mic I just purchased to practice on. I just purchased a guitar so look out world.
Anything else?
Let's just say that I am a person who enjoys praising the Lord, laughing, writing poetry and loving life.. You can catch me on a friday night at Club 8th Ave in Augusta Ga. Sometimes I host and I am always there dancing. We always have a good time in the Lord there..
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