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Industry Standard Music Production @t Recession Price! My Brand will stand the (Test of Time)!
Jey-9 Started makin beatz @ the early age of 9. By the time Jey-9 hit 21years, he's made over 100,000 trax: For Local & Major Artist. Now Jey-9 is @ the Highest Level of Perfection with the music. From a 1.)Down-Souf: Pop & Snap 2.)East Coast: Hard-Core Melodic Tune 3.)West Coast: Real Ganksta Music 4.) Mid-West: Heart Of It All *Heavy-Metal, Kuntry, Gospel all da way down to a: Symphony; Jey-9 Can Definitely Do It! Jey-9 Is Da Future Of Music! *So What Are You Waitin For: Start Downloading Now!!! If you don't have atleast One (1) of his trax, how can you expect ta make it! Super-Producer: Jey-9
Band/artist history
Jey-9 Biography After becoming interested in musical composition at the young age of nine, Jey-9 would often run to his Army based home in Stuttgart(Germany) after school each day to spend hours behind his Casio keyboard. These years of effort have definitely paid off for this young Producer/Rapper/Singer/Musical Genius. Now at the age of 28, Jey-9's vicious bass lines, eerie strings, melodic guitars and trunk rattling drums will set a new industry standard as well as have a major effect on most of these so called Producers. Jey-9 is a versatile Producer; he can make any type of track for any type of artist. Whether it's a rowdy Down South beat, a symphonic East Coast sequence, Some West Coast G-Funk or a slow R&B Ballad, Jey-9 is always the man for the job!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
24/7 Where ever I'm requested. A dream come true. Everyday, some one e-mail me with a thanks for My Product!
Your musical influences
*Marvin Gaye = All time favorite singer...* Inspirations: 1.) GOD 1st 2.) Al Green 3.) George Benson 4.) Luther Vandross 5.) Earth Wind & Fire 6.) Bee-Geez 7.) Jackson 5...Oh yeah, The 1978 to 1988 Michael Jackson 8.) Marvin & Anthony Wyche 9.) Jey-9
What equipment do you use?
1.) 1st and Foremost Da "MPC-2000XL" 2.) Roland Fantom 3.) Mo-Phatt Mk-6 4.) Triton (Korg-Soudrack) 5.) DP4 (Digital Performer) * Lot's of analog Equipment as well.
Anything else?
Feel free to contact me directly: Jey9.ent@gmail.com I'm Rich, but not Rich enough to not reply to all of "YOU" who allow my music to travel World Wide. Thanking All of You! Jey-9