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Carlo Prestia (guitar, vocals) Fabio Lattuca (bass) Roberto Conigliaro (drums)
Music outside of the global village (well...we try) Carlo Prestia (guitar, vocals) Fabio Lattuca (bass) Roberto Conigliaro (drums)
Band/artist history
The Fograss was born in April 2003 nearly as a joke, in occasion of an ordinary school party of an ordinary Italian classical high school in Palermo and everything would finish there. However during that (damn hot) summer, Carlo Prestia (vocals and guitar), Fabio Lattuca (bass) and Roberto Conigliaro (drums) shut themselves in Robertos garage (one of the last coolest places in Palermo) and started writing some new songs. First they tried to take all their different influences and melt them together. From the Seattle sound of the early nineties to the dark and post-punk of Joy Division, passing through the Velvet Underground and taking in a lot of inspiration from Six by Seven and early Jesus and Mary Chain. Between 2003 and 2004 the band started an intense live acting all around the clubs, the cultural and social centres of Palermo (Bloom Art, Candelai, CCP Agricantus, Zsa Zsa art factory, Ex Carcere, etc) and classified itself in the semi-final Ateneo Live (associated with Rock Targato Italia, an important Italian rock contest). It also classified third at the Show No Profit (associated with Arezzo Wave). During this period the band recorded its first works which can be found in the un-official collection The People... No, after that, a summer and a winter of silence. However during this period the band found some new musical interests and saw some great shows like that of Old Time Relijun, Wire, Hugo Race and some others. Anyway in short, in March 2005 the Fograss came back with brand new songs and influences. Today the music of the Fograss should be a melting pot of Captain Beefheart, Suicide, Pere Ubu, David Thomas, Birthday Party, Bad Seeds, Wire, DNA, Old Time Relijun, Talking Heads, Royal Trux, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Sonic Youth etc etc... Lately the Fograss started their live acting again and came in second at the regional selections of Arezzo Wave 2005, the most important rock contest in Italy. The band was interviewed by Radio In, and the song No Communication (from The People... No) was played on Radio Rai 1. The group is now performing all around Palermo and Catania and has just finished recording its latest work, Dummy's Dance"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
OH YEAH!!! Everywhere we can...only in Italy at the moment...
Your musical influences
Velvet Underground, Captain Beefheart & His Magig Band, Suicide, Pere Ubu, Muddy Waters, Birthday Party, Nick Cave & Bad Seeds, Hugo Race & the true Spirits, Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, DNA, Old Time Relijun, Uzeda.
What equipment do you use?
Fender vintage guitars & amps
Anything else?
a half of the band is based in Sicily, a half in London...so if u wanna contact us choose the closest half... yes...David Thomas is God
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