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Distant Strangers
Distant Strangers
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Raw and real hip hop, not the commercialized industry BS you hear on the radio. Take a listen. We appreciate your time!
Welcome to tha soundclick page of the Hip Rock$tarZ, Distant Strangers. What is a Hip Rock$tar you ask? Since our music is classified as 'hip rock', and we party like rockstars, that's pretty much how we came up with it. We are from Saint Cloud, MN. DS is Acteez, L-DuB and Robs. Acteez and DuB spit that fire and make them bangin' beats, while Robs shreds the guitar strings and gives our music that rock sound. We just released a new mixtape called "Rise Of Tha Hip Rock$tarZ, Volume 1" that we will be giving out free at shows, and it will be available for free download online very soon. Check out our official website, , and find us on ReverbNation (), Facebook (), MySpace () and follow DS on Twitter, @distantstranger. Thanks for checkin' out tha music, and leave a comment or two on what you think. We're currently working on our debut album, D.S.T.C, and will be putting up potential singles in tha upcoming months. Keep checkin' back here, or on , for updates on tha album. For booking, email booking@distantstrangers.com. All other inquiries send to info@distantstrangers.com We also make beats, and will work out a deal with anyone who wants to purchase or lease. Serious inquiries only. Check out our beat page at . To inquire about beat prices, send an email to 302beats@distantstrangers.com and we can work somethin' out.
Band/artist history
Distant Strangers was formed in 2005, with Acteez, L-DuB and Robs rockin' out at a few jam sessions when they first met. They realized tha sound they were making wasn't like anything else that was out there, especially with Robs shreddin' on guitar. Since 2005, they've opened up for national acts like 2 Live Crew (2005, What's Up Lounge - Mankato, MN), Do Or Die (2007, Trobec's Event Center - Saint Joe, MN), J-Kwon and Big Meech (2008 - Trobec's Event Center - Saint Joe, MN) and Huey (2010 - The Rox Bar - Saint Cloud, MN). Mostly, they like to make music, just to make music. From the party anthems, to odes for Mary Jane, tales about real life struggles and hardships to out of your mind, crazy, fun songs that will make you say, "did they just say that?!", you'll find that Distant Strangers has a taste of something for everybody.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we do play live, and not to sound cocky, but we rock it everytime! We've rocked all around tha state of Minnesota, and Eau Claire, WI on the UW-Eau Claire campus. We've opened up for big name acts like 2 Live Crew (2005), Do Or Die (2007), J-Kwon and Big Meech (2008), and Huey (2010). Performing live is a great rush, it's awesome to see tha crowd singin' along and just rockin' out to your music and havin' a good time, that's what it's all about.
Your musical influences
East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South, Mid West, Old School, New School, Techno, Dance, Rock, Classic Rock, Punk, Hip Hop, Krunk, and Crazy Talk ----- Combined...
What equipment do you use?
A mic, a guitar, a mouth, a brain, a computer, a notepad and pen, a glass piece, a bud, and a bottle of beer.
Anything else?
Big shout out to all of our fans who have supported us since day one, and all new fans we have acquired in tha past 5 years, for comin' out to shows, bumpin' our music, tellin' people about DS, smokin', drinkin', and rockin' out! We definitely appreciate tha support, and we'll keep makin' music for ya'll to rock to! Also, a shout out to all tha artists in tha Saint Cloud underground that have worked with us either by doin' a show or collaboratin' on a track, or just chillin' n kickin' it, blazin' some weed or drinkin' some beer, you know who you are, and it's nothin' but love. All them hatas out there, you can talk all you want, because you know your bumpin' our music anyway, and sayin' our names to everyone out there. We call it our "Unofficial Street Team", haha. Remember to keep tabs on DS at
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