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Ill Humor Enemy
Ill Humor Enemy
47 Tracks
Unsigned Rapper And Producer From Fayetteville, NC. Always a fan before being an artist.
Ill Humor - Where Your At
Ill Humor is an emcee from Fayetteville, NC, who started rapping in the summer of 2004 with his first Lp titled Murder He Spoke. What started as a hobby became much more within the following years. From 05 to 07 he founded Be Aware Entertainment, a promotional group designed to bring awareness toward independent artists and developing talent. Through that time Ill Humor released 3 compilation mix tapes with artists from BAE and his 2nd Lp Repeat Offender. As time moved on, the group decided to part ways to work on a variety of different projects. Ill Humor joined a local band named Diverse in 2008. After a year of playing shows around their home state of North Carolina, before recording their first demo, the band parted ways. Ill Humor took a 2 year hiatus from all music to reevaluate his career. Last year he decided to get back to his roots and retouching bases with his fans. He decided it was time to get back into the studio for his long awaited 3rd Lp 3rd Strike set to be released sometime this summer. While picking up producing for himself this go around, Humor looks to impress his fans not only with his new Lp, but plans on working on the House Arrest Ep available for free download in May. Feeling that there is a lot of ground to make up, 2012 looks to be a busy year for the independent artist who will be going on a small east coast tour to promote the album this summer.
Band/artist history
Lyrical Empire [Rap Group] 2001-2003 Ill Humor [Solo Rap] 2003-Present Be Aware Entertainment [Rap Promotion Group] 2005-2007 Diverse [Rap/Rock Band] 2008-2009 JAB Productions [Producing] 2010-Present
Your musical influences
I listen to lots of different genres of music. Mainly older hiphop toward the 90s, grunge rock, even a little bit triphop. All forms of media (movies, tv, etc) bring ideas for writing material. You'd be surprised at how much a scene from a movie or just a noise i hear driving down the road can make me think of an idea or concept for a song or instrumental. Life is full of ideas and it is up to artist to filter them through their minds to express them.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 9. Cool Edit Pro 2.1
Anything else?
Support Local Hiphop! www.twitter.com/illhumorenemy www.facebook.com/illhumor
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