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Introducing Ghagged, an emcee that pierces your very soul with a stronger current of words deep inside.
Ghagged - the definition A deeper current of words on the inside.
Band/artist history
The Definition ï ïA sharp projection; a stronger current of words deep inside. Many of those who have witnessed this artist in show will tell you that the above is an accurate description of her music. Ghagged calls it her ventilation and many can relate to it. Her lyrics are always driven by heavy melodic production that can have a whole audience in awe as soon as it drops. Ghagged is very versatile in style of rhyme. She can compliment the dopest of tracks making 100 percent good songs. Her content is expressed through a rapid fire of a flow with a delivery that projects articulate and strong. Naturally music became her destiny. She was influenced by her father who would plug up his guitar and microphone into his amp to sing and play for hours. His passion rubbed off on her heavily and his practices eventually became her practices. He taught her how to harmonize and stay on key and that began a dream in her heart that will she will never stop. Singing was her first love but as hip hop was on the rise it took her interest overnight. She began to write lyrics and it took everyone by surprise when it was unveiled to be as equally good as her singing. At this time Ghagged was only 15 years old with a complex flow that was way before her time. She began to freestyle in street ciphers down at the popular Virginia Beach Oceanfront and suddenly a heavy street buzz began. It guided her to link up with various entertainment companies that would show her how to record in the studio and how to perform. One of these companies includes the upcoming Black Fam. As time went on she gained more experience and great milestones with an all female hip hop crew called the Gypcees. They traveled up and down the east coast performing and also had an LP called Heavy Rotation. They performed along side major acts such as ïThe Rootsï and opening for artists such as Wyclef to Redman. They kept a strong buzz until they abruptly disbanded. Since then Ghagged has reintroduced herself solo and is ready to take it all the way on this go around. Also she is currently working on a couple of projects with Tripple M her older brother and a collective of VA Emcees called the "Underground Nation". Which ever way the path takes her, the music she creates whether solo or on collaboration will reach an audience that is universal. It is more than entertainment but itïs also a ministry to touch those in their soul with the content. Itïs more than just spittin' a verse and rocking a crowd. This music undeniably has an anointing that will touch the masses. She will show a whole other side to what you have already seen come out of Virginia.
Your musical influences
Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Salt & Pepa,Sweet T, Antoinette, Roxanne Shante, Yo Yo, Nikki D, Bahamadia, Big Daddy Kane, Kool Moe Dee, Redman, The Roots, Common, De La Soul, Monie Love and many more....
Anything else?
Trust in the Truth and the truth is John 14:6