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The Sons of Thunder
The Sons of Thunder
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Christian rock band playing original music as well as a few cover tunes.
The Sons of Thunder Fairly Live! Recorded live at the Coca Cola Stage State Fair of Texas October 20, 1985 The Sons of Thunder was a Christian rock band formed in 1980. Two guys that loved music, played guitars, and had started writing some songs - heard a Larry Norman record! Then they found out their new friend in the dorm was a very good drummer. They knew they could get a little brother to play bass. So they collectively thought "Hey, we can do that". So David (drums), Harry (bass), John (guitars), and Elwood (guitars) became The Sons of Thunder. Their music ranges from fun rock and roll to moody introspective numbers. The ballads that feature their God given 3 part harmonies are a fan favorite. With all the different musical influences involved what comes out the other side is good original music. We appreciate you visiting, please tell others about the site.
Band/artist history
August / Sept. 1980 - Formed the band 1980 - 1985 - played here and there while in college and a couple of times after. post 1985 - graduation, marriage, children, jobs, and life in general.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We used to play live. Now we just play dead!
Your musical influences
John: Beatles, Larry Norman, Lost Dogs, DA, Beach Boys Harry: Lyle Lovett David: Chicago, Elvis, jazz, Johnny Cash Elwood: Bee Gees, Mark Heard, Alabama, Eagles, Paul Overstreet
Anything else?
elwood also has some solo work here at soundclick, check it out.
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