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Trauma Pet
Trauma Pet
1 Track
Electro noir with influences ranging from industrial to the 80s synth pop and new wave movmements. Melodic, melancholic with trancey beats and guitars.
Controlled Hysteria
Peak in sub-genre #20
Imagine if the glamour, fragility, darkness and mystique of film noir was put into music form, and immersed in a mixture of contemporary and retro electronic soundscapes? The result would be Trauma Pet, a unique blend of atmosphere, passion and music. Trauma Pet believe that melody is the key to unleashing their particular brand of self styled electro noir and so, with glamorous aplomb, they have transcended genre and secured a wide appeal across the alternative scene. Aiming to produce fused electronic and acoustic soundscapes, they do not fail to both move and delight the senses. Their music shifts between being disurbing, emotive, and melancholic through the painstaking choice of sounds and progressions and beautifully expressive vocals. Trauma Pet consist of Tara (bass/keyboards/vocals) and Elie (vocals/guitars/programming), both accomplished multi instrumentalists with a long history of musical involvement. To date, the girls have been broadcast worldwide on internet TV, and have received airplay all over the globe.
Band/artist history
Formed in January of last year, TP consists of Elie and Tara who between them play keyboards, guitars and bass. www.trauma-pet.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
All over the UK and overseas. European tour expected for album release next Spring. Special moments, Elektrofest, gig in Malta, and playing with other friends' bands.
Your musical influences
NIN, Bjork, Depeche Mode
What equipment do you use?
Novation nova Access virus Roland JP-8000 Roland XP60 Cakewalk Sonar
Anything else?
Tanglewood Bass Hohner Guitars Boss bass effects pedal Korg guitar effects pedal