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Exiled Transgression
Exiled Transgression
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Exiled Transgression. Life, the ups, the downs, wicked, love, everything. Poeple want to hear the whole story, that what I am here to give. Where will you be wh
Exiled Transgression It's here. The disease runs through your veins there is no stopping it. A mutation that has made the world hate you, filled you with anger and hate. For eachother you have pure love. We relieve the stress as the world falls apart. It is the "End of Days", when will this end. For it is not the end of all days, just the coming of new! When will it come, what is the path? For now this is the story of my life, and everyone who ever lived a life! This is about the world! Exiled Transgression
Band/artist history
Kevin was brought into this world December 7th, 1987. The first thirteen years of his life were his most peaceful times. With only a few dreams and nightmares affecting him from day to day, he did not seem to worry at all. December 7th, 2000, his days had changed. Everything he ever thought of finally came into his mind at full force. He went through the most school issues he had ever lived with. He then started writing poems which then became lyrics. When he was about fifteen he got into the Rap/Horror Core/ Underground/ Wicked/ Real Scene. He thought of many names and couldnt decide which one was the best to reveal him as. July of 2005, with his name and all went to Sacramento to record his first album. Devil Child it was meant to describe what life made him. He took part of his dreams, opinions, hate, love, truth, wicked, faith, and anything you could think of. Just took it all and threw as much of it together as possible to bring to the world a kick ass debut. Exiled Transgression came hard for his first time; he is to come harder in the future. Starting this road in the music industry looking to get live shows and get signed he plans to write a style of music that he calls Real. Some people cant stay on one genre, when it comes to being Real you dont have too. Now what does Exiled Transgression mean? His dreams and nightmares; your dreams and nightmares are Exiled Transgression. There is much we must learn? What is coming? As if I know that, the future is hidden and you dont know where it is at
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live
Your musical influences
Tech N9ne, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, soft and rock christain, Howard Stern, Joe Bruce, Rob Bruce, Joey Utsler, Rude Boy, John Cena, Avoiding Tanner, Gram Rabbit, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Jamie and Paul, HOK, R.O.C., Samhein Witch Killaz, Beastie Boys, Underground, AMB, I put AMB down because they worked hard for where they are now. TV, Horror movies, comedy movies, all movies! Movies, comic books, batman, Super Heroes, Super(Ficial) Heros, Villains. I am a underground artist, i bring what I call a REAL style. Sometimes wicked, sometimes love, basicly think fo life. It's all about the Ups and the Downs. People don't wanna hear one side of the story they want all parts to be revealed. All I spit is truth.
What equipment do you use?
My voice and Fritz the Cat. Fritz the Cat has a soundclick. He is a good producer. he makes beats and everything. Check out his website http://www.FTCMusikLabz.com If youw ant beats from him there is a soundclick link somewhere on his site. So my vocals and his beat making skills. As for recording I prefer Pro Tools, next to that i say Propellerhead's Reason.
Anything else?
I Love You, You belong here! End of days, where will you be when the new revolution begins!?
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