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Fatalis NW
Fatalis NW
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European metal in the US Old school metal Progressive Metal Melodic Metal
Fatalis is a melodic metal band with old school metal influences. Their lyrics cover everything from existentialism, historical references, to epic fantasy and mythology. Fatalis was born as most bands, with change and transformation. Guitarists Clint Fallon & Rafael Gelpi, vocalist Lance Zielinski, and drummer Jason Parker parted ways from a previous project and joined creative forces with bassist Sean Yocum. The idea was to create music that didn't fit the mold of today's bands, yet had an original feel and sound that would uniquely identify them in the music community. Within two weeks of forming Fatalis in its new mold, creativity began to flow and songs were written. And a new vision. It's hard to explain this vision, because the band hasn't quite determined what it's about yet either. However, if you listen to the music of Fatalis, you will understand a bit of the band's vision, and why it's so difficult to explain. Fatalis will progress forward, seeing where this new path leads them. Along the way there will be more changes and transformation, but we're eager to see where it takes them.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live in Western Washington, and are willing to expand further to reach new listeners! We love performing live music for people. There's always special moments, but the one that sticks in my mind (Lance, Vocals)is when we won the Battle of the Bands at Ft. Lewis WA. It was hugely rewarding to win a competition simply by playing music we loved. And.. it paid for our demo. ;-)
Your musical influences
Our musical influences are European and old school metal, but with a melodic vision. To compare to bands, we'd like to believe we show a lot of influence of great bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Testament and Hammerfall. We want to bring more singing back in the metal scene.
Anything else?
We hope you enjoy the music we play. We certainly look forward to sharing our vision with you!