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Little Nobody
Little Nobody
11 Tracks
electronic, abstract, disco, cut-up, hip-hop, drum & bass, techno, house, electro
Little Nobody was a trumped-up idea by IF? Records label head-honcho Andrez Bergen - an Aussie expat from Melbourne now residing in Tokyo - back in 1997.
Band/artist history
...so who the heck is ANDREZ BERGEN, anyway? Andrez is an expat Australian freelance music, movie and anime journalist, photographer, DJ, record label head honcho, and experimental electronic music producer who's been based in Tokyo over the past 4 years.... He's also lived in London and traveled extensively around the globe, and during the course of a decade of journalism has interviewed people as far afield as Kraftwerk, Jeff Mills, Coldcut, Genesis P. Orridge (from industrial pioneers Throbbing Gristle), and Mamoru Oshii (director of the anime classic "Ghost In The Shell").... His writing has appeared in newspapers like The Age in Australia and The Daily Yomiuri in Japan, along with magazines like the UK's Mixmag, Vice (Australia), Wax (UK), Australian Style, Remix, Juice, Oyster, and Anime Insider in New York.... Over the past decade Andrez has also worked as a DJ and music producer, and helmed his own radio show 'Cyberdada' on Melbourne station PBS-FM for seven years from 1994.... ...and what about LITTLE NOBODY...? Andrez kick-started his soundsystem project Little Nobody in 1997 with debut track "Nobody's Driving" on the critically acclaimed Australian compilation 'Zeitgeist 3', alongside people like Voiteck, Honeysmack and Zen Paradox.... The project's perimeters were a far-reaching hotch-potch of styles from dub and jazz to cut-up sampling, hip hop references, disco-chic, and electro-clash ramifications... Constantly morphing along the way, Little Nobody has since produced three albums and an EP for innovative Australian record label IF?, along with a remix single release ('Bare') which was adjudged Single Of The Week in Melbourne's Beat magazine in 2001.... Through Stockholm-based label Fitja he's cut four EPs, and has had tracks released on a wad of international compilations.... Little Nobody's album 'Action Hero' was one of the 4 final nominees for Best Album Of The Year in the 2001 Australian Dance Music Awards (the Avalanches were the eventual winner).... He's currently working on his fouth album called 'Eating the Heart Of The Fishes', all of which has been produced in Tokyo.... His music has been remixed by a plethora of international producers - from Noodles man Si Begg in London to Chicago's DJ Rush, Tokyo's Magnet Toy to Amsterdam's Vocoderman, and Berlin's Brixton to Parisian enfant terrible Tal.... He's toured Japan, the UK, the USA, Canada, China, and the Netherlands - not to mention extensively around Australia....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Little Nobody has done the live production thing for about 6 years now, extensively round Australia and Japan, plus London, New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Beijing, and Windsor (Canada).
Your musical influences
Si Begg, Luke Vibert, Coldcut, Krush, Shadow, Kid Koala, Cabaret Voltaire, Isnod, Two Lone Swordsmen, Cristian Vogel, Cassetteboy, Robert Hood, Gene Farris, Tal, Susumu Yokota, Green Velvet, Scanner, DJ Rush, Amon Tobin, Hexstatic, Tobias Schmidt, Sub Bass Snarl, Steve Law, Fantastic Plastic Machine, AfroPolice, et al.
What equipment do you use?
Everything, and then some! ;)
Anything else?
See above
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