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The Unplayable Sofa Guitar
The Unplayable Sofa Guitar
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Country-rock band from Portugal. Two albums released, one in 2001 and another in 2005.
Two albums released, The Unplayable Sofa Guitar is a result of chance and unforeseen events. Back in 2001 the producer, Paulo Miranda, invited some of his friends and members from other bands to come by the studio and each one, separately, in a single take, lay on tape the sounds Paulo had in his mind for a homemade album. Not to be rehearsed, not to be over-produced, not to be released. The demos caught the eye and ear of Independent Records's A&R (now extinct portuguese label) who promptly offered to make 1500 CDs of what was meant to be kept an excursionary country-rock-electronica experience among friends. CD came out in 2002, concerts followed and a second album, Rocky Grounds, Big Sky, was released 2005, this time with rehearsal. It's still much a volunteer, no label commitment approach to the sounds of country-rock.
Band/artist history
Started in 2001 from an idea that Paulo Miranda (the band's producer) had to make an album with several of his friends and studio clients. Things worked out fine, a second album followed, a third might follow. As long as we have fun doing it, albums will follow.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not very often.
Your musical influences
The Band, Neil Young, Daniel Lanois, Rainer Ptacek, The Ashtray Hearts, Beachwood Sparks, Kid Dakota, The Outlaws, Waylon Jennings...
What equipment do you use?
Better check the studio where we made the album. It's our rehearsal room as well. link here www.ampstudio.eu
Anything else?
http://sofaguitar.com http://www.facebook.com/SofaGuitar http://paulomiranda.eu http://ampstudio.eu
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