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Ben Blush
Ben Blush
46 Tracks
...my bedroom is my LAB, my mouse is my SCALPEL, music is my PATIENT -Ben Blush
OK...Here's the scoop: There's a reason I have less than half the songs on here that I had before...I took off ALL the good ones...the ones that'll make me money are gone...the ones left are either with me rapping, random beats I made that I have no intention of selling, or OLD beats...so this is what you'll have to do to hear what's good (literally)...holla at ya boi: c_hill69@hotmail.com benblush@gmail.com
Band/artist history
1. Made my first beat in my mother's belly... 2. Started making beats everyday on my desk in pre-school... 3. Got a toy piano in like first grade... 4. Learned to play the recorder in 3rd grade... 5. Learned to read music in 7th/8th grade and strarted playing a whole shitload of instruments... 6. Discovered Fruityloops 2.3 in 9th grade and made my first beat (a remix to Bills, Bills, Bills) 7. Started trying to make my own versions of beats to popular songs. Realized it doesn't matter how good you are if you don't have the right sounds and instruments... 8. Downloaded every release of Fruityloops... 9. Failed 11th grade because I would spend all day in the computer lab making beats... 10. Hooked up with Masai and he hooked me up with 1,000,001 samples... 11. Joined a band, learned to use an AKAI MPC 2000XL... 12. Moved to Tampa...lost my samples, lost my beats, no computer so I went on hiatus for 3 months... 13. Dad hooked me up with a CPU during spring break... 13. Started sampling oldies from Body & Soul CD's... 14. Skill level OFFICIALLY passed Lil' Jon 15. Found my samples... 16. Started making beats like a madman to make up for lost time... 17. Downloaded a shitload of ModernBeats drumkits (they are worth the money...but I didn't pay) 18. Started writing seriously... 19. OFFICIALLY one of the elite beatmakers in America... 20. Sold some beats...others being saved for certain specific rappers... 21. First contract received, not sure if I should sign...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I used to be in a band...FLAVA BAND!...I love the live feel but for now I'm stuck behind the boards...One day I'll be back though...
Your musical influences
I used to be a band bum...literally, I would be in the band room at all times messing with instruments...I taught myself 90% of what I know about music...I love oldie music...I love to be creative and I try to be a beat ahead of everybody...I incorporate a whole bunch of little, hidden, tricks and tweaks to create sounds...I love any and ALL music...
What equipment do you use?
From the time I started I've been using Fruityloops...say what you want...I'm the 10th Wonder...I mastered the program and now I'm using FL Studio 6 XXL...Got me a TASCAM USB/MIDI Interface, MXL 990 Microphone, I sometimes do vocals in FL Studio using my ASIO sound card but other than that I use Sonar and Acid for vocals...I hardly ever use MIDI...It's just me the screen, a mouse, a keyboard, and some headphones...any headphones
Anything else?
I AM the best kept secret...When I finally let loose on the industry it's gonna be OVER!!!...Please, for your sake, don't copy my songs...I pay $30/per to have them copywritten and I am just waiting to sue someone so I can get rich quick and build me a studio so I can make more music for you to copy...
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