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Alin Rogoz
Alin Rogoz
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I am influenced by music around the world, starting with Romanian gypsy music, middle eastern, Indian music, gypsy jazz/swing, flamenco, African, reggae, soca,
these songs are from the spring-summer of 2005. my newest songs, are here: http://www.soundclick.com/alinrogoz1 http://www.soundclick.com/alinrogoz2 http://www.soundclick.com/alinrogoz3 anyways, I prefer to be mediocre in all styles, than outstanding in one only... Im young, hopefully, in a few years, Ill bring my overall level higher exponentially. I was born in east Romania, a gate between the Middle East, and the west. We play a very flavourful music there, and it's ultimately the music I feel most (Romanian gypsy music). Having lived in France in 91, and Canada since 92, I became exposed to many other styles that I admired, and felt inspired to pursue. I concentrated my efforts on instrumentation, leaving the voice behind always, but recently, I began singing. Its a rough road, but I feel Ill get there eventually. I hope you enjoy my songs, not for their quality, but rather for the ideas, rhythms, and fusion of styles. God bless!
Band/artist history
I don't remember, though I'll start keeping track of the shows and events where I play. (good idea!)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play in Canada with a number of bands (east Indian, Celtic/reggae/gypsy, Spanish, south American, folk, some rock...), have done a tour of Scotland, and west Canada.
Your musical influences
It all started with Elvis, in Romania. Coming to Canada, though, I realized that what I feel, is my Romanian music, and Romanian gypsy music, music from the east of Romania, and also gypsy music in general. Gypsy jazz/swing, flamenco, reggae, soca, jazz, hip hop, Cuban, South American music... and off course Greek music (eastern jazz it is)
What equipment do you use?
Not much, actually, I depend more on my instruments, and live recording than equipment. I record on a pretty basic program named garage band on a Mac laptop. Its my studio, and I love it!
Anything else?
When listening to my music, remember (I know you won't need to be told), Im not a poet; my voice is weak, hardly able to carry the songs. I am Christian, and through my music, I want to praise my God, the only reason for which I do what I do.
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