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Chaslyn - We're no spring chickens but we are Free Range!
Peak in sub-genre #66
We are not so much a band as a collaboration...in fact we're a partnership. We met on the internet in November 2001 and although we both have a lifelong interest in recording our own music, it is only now, 16 months down the line, that we have taken the plunge and actually produced something together.
Band/artist history
We are not spring chickens and therefore have a great deal of history! Chas has mainly played for his own enjoyment. I have been in professional bands and had record releases in the early 80's. I was a concert sound engineer with my own PA hire Company in London for 16 years. Now I've formed my own record company, Wobbly Music, and have so far signed 8 artists from various corners of the Globe. Chas is signed under his artistic name of "Fishbrick". His two singles "Goldfish Bowl Blues" & "I see stars" can now be purchased from the Wobbly Music record store ... www.wobblymusic.net/RecordStore.htm - "I see Stars" is currently being produced as a video.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have just resumed live performances with my new band called ICE (www.brightice.com/band). Chas has retired from gigging (at least for the time being).
Your musical influences
Influenced by all artists from all eras....You really don't know what to expect from us, other than original, yet commercial arrangements. Don't expect much dance or techno stuff though! The odd one may creep in occasionally, but predominently we can loosely be classified as Adult Contempory.
What equipment do you use?
My home setup has now been updated to 24/96 with an 8-track control surface (Tascam FW1884). My new live room is about to be constructed. I have a few outboard analogue FX left over from my PA days, but I never use them now, I've now bought a Mac G5 to run my music software, which is currently Logic 7.1. The recordings you hear here were made on my old 16/44.1 Soundblaster/PC system. We have a large collection of instruments between us ... a vast array of drums and percussion, guitars by Gibson, Fender, and Aria, mandolins, Autoharp, ukeleles, Banjolele, Whistles, recorders, pipes & even a Tuba! Keyboards by Casio and Yamaha, MIDI Drum pads by Roland and Microphones by Shure, Beyer, SE Electronics, and AKG.